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  1. My mind can't process all these absolute BLOCKBUSTERS
  2. Patiently waiting for Andre Drummond to be freed...
  3. There were so many games this year that Jared Goff looked like an absolute deer in the headlights. He definitely regressed a lot the past 2 years, and he would have to get back to where he was 2 years ago for the Rams to truly have a chance to contend in the NFC. I agree that we'll have to see how the Stafford and McVay combo goes, but with the Rams solid run game and defense (which Stafford has never had his entire career in Detriot), the onus won't be on him to have to play hero ball to win games.
  4. I love it for Stafford's fantasy value and I like it for the Rams, even if they gave up a lot. You're getting a pretty substantial upgrade at QB on a team that is set pretty much everywhere else on the roster. This Rams team is really close to being a legit contender, and Stafford plus some OL upgrades puts them really in the thick of things. This move also gives the Rams quite a bit of cap flexibility down the road. Stafford is under contract until 2022, carrying a cap hit of 33 mil and 26 mil for those two years. After that, he's off the books, and they can either look elsewhere
  5. Assistant coach forum, my friend. But yeah, I'd drop warren.
  6. after he dropped 39 points in his first start... there will be many more minutes in the rotation for this guy... believe that
  7. Run, don't walk. They're gonna continue to give this guy minutes even after everyone is back if he just showed out like this.
  8. Kirk Cousins Derrick Henry Jeff Wilson Davante Adams Tyreek Hill DJ Moore Mark Andrews
  9. We don't know how many snaps he'll play. Unless you have a great option just sitting on your bench, you gotta go with Keenan. Also, it's the playoffs - I'm assuming that most matchups are a "tough matchup" in the fantasy semifinals..
  10. Play your studs. If you made it this far you can't bench Keenan Allen, that's preposterous
  11. ONE SPOT LEFT! An owner dropped out. Need someone who can pay immediately.
  12. If you scroll down, there is a message on the league homepage with the link to pay. Here it is, too: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3956610
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