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  1. Come one, this is essentially a mild sprain of the wrist on his non-shooting hand. Are you trying to spook a KAT owner into a reckless trade? Judging from what we know, seems like he's out a few weeks, but could easily be less.
  2. With Collins starting to fall, who do you pick if he and Nurk are there early 3rd?
  3. Like I said, I have no real idea. Wolves beat writer predicts in this podcast today that he will be shut down: http://www.startribune.com/podcast-kat-s-wrist-russell-s-style-and-much-to-learn-in-coming-weeks/568085001/
  4. Seems unlikely. They've already said he's out a couple weeks or more, so what advantage would there be to Wolves shutting KAT down now rather than in two or three weeks? I'd guess it's either: 1. he says he's feeling better and wants to play, or 2. they they just want a second opinion for more clarity around their best player. Hell, I would always get second opinion if I had time and money for it, and nobody has me on their fantasy team. But really, who knows.
  5. Can't find the video, but saw it a while back. Montrezl Harrell basically threw him to the floor on a driving dunk attempt and he landed right on his knee.
  6. Two weeks from now: "Karl Anthony Towns questionable with illness (cystic fibrosis). Coach Saunders says the Mayo Clinic expects to develop a cure 'any day now'."
  7. So is Luka regressing? Percentages were through the floor last week. I didn't think his early numbers were sustainable, but don't think he's going to struggle like this for too long, but haven't seen him play at all since he got back from his injury.
  8. Rotoworld: Hey Charlie Brown, pick this scrub up! Me: No way Rotoworld, he's going straight to the bench as soon as I grab him. Rotoworld: No way! He's a breakout candidate! Can't miss! Me: Well... ok... if you say so. Rotoworld: :😂 🤣 🤣 🤣
  9. Start getting on Twitter people and calling out this garbage publicly. This hyper-secrecy is nonsense and they need to start getting some negative PR.
  10. Yeah, Isaac's timetable is the pits. 4-6 weeks and he's a definite hold, 10-12 weeks and he's a definite drop. But you don't want to have your opponent snag him off waivers and destroy you in the playoffs when he comes back right in that 8-10 week window the last week or two of the season. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, "Conspiracy Today: The KAT Files"
  11. Has anyone seen him move recently? Only report of his movement I've seen in last week featured a video of him limping up to the three point line for uncontested shots. I could literally do that on one leg (but I would still lose 1-on-1 to my wife, who doesn't know how to dribble).
  12. We're in the fourth week of Towns, and NBA superstar, being injured without ever being told what the specific injury is. Are the Wolves scheming, incompetent or what?
  13. Yep. Good that he’s out there but he’s definitely got a slight limp still on injured leg. Another week out would not surprise me. I’m hanging onto Dieng until we get a green light.
  14. Picked up Troy Brown on Sunday. Wrong move. Admitted it right away and moved on to this guy.
  15. He’s obviously faking. He’s limping around in practice to really sell it. Honestly he probably did 9/11 and he also denied ever visiting Epstein’s island which means he definitely did.
  16. Ouch. Looks like Embiid has his number. I think Bam’s two worst games this year have been against Philly.
  17. You took the spiked eggnog by mistake, please call an Uber.
  18. I have KAT, Collins and Luka, plus Powell and Isaac who both ran into traffic tonight, but am tied for the week against 3rd place team thanks 100% to this man.
  19. Did you look at today’s box score? It’s all we could ask of him.
  20. It’s his fifth finger guys. That’s his pinky. They could amputate and he’s be back by Christmas.
  21. How does a guy like Bam have his worst shooting night of the year and not get a single offensive rebound?
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