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  1. Hey guys gotta get your opinion on something. Currently in a keeper league and you can keep three my current keepers are Harden Embiid and my options for the last keeper are Siakam and Lavine. I was just offered Vucevic and a 4th round pick for LeMello Ball and my 2nd Round pick next year. Is Vuc a better keeper moving forward?
  2. He's can be dropped in a 10team leauge. 12 I would hold
  3. Im thinking about grabbing him he’s been dropped! Is that where everyone is with this guy ?
  4. Standard 9 cat 12 team. Garland was dropped should I pick him up. Worst player is Norman Powell. Alec Burks is on the roster but I’m holding for now.
  5. i want to believe this.... I know he was great last year but guys like I.Okoro are on my wire and starting already...
  6. He doesnt fit my build as I am punting Fg and TO however, I see great value in him getting 28-30 mins a night, starting, and has C/PF eligibility (which i desperately need). I can't seem him destroying FT% on 4ish attempts. It also sounds like they want to put him in a bigger role.
  7. I am planning on moving on from him and grabbing Favors or Huerter. He has been solid but the low mins scare me.
  8. I get his mins are up but I am thinking about the Vuc coming back and Jonathan Issac continuing to develop. Not to mention Gordon.
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