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  1. This guy was a league winner last season. He's probably super motivated to get himself another nice 1-year contract. Granted he's on the crappy Jets this time but I think he'll be at least a WR3 RoS
  2. Oh man....I was super wrong on this one
  3. Broncos over Saints (serious) No film on Hinton, public is heavily betting on Saints (ML and spread), I could see the Broncos winning in a low scoring game
  4. This guy looks better than Dwayne Haskins
  5. I could see Royce putting up some Dwayne Haskins type numbers...150 passing yds 30 rushing yds no TDs
  6. I watched Damien's post-game interview, he seems like a well-spoken, humble guy
  7. Could be a nice flex down the stretch, he beasted it today
  8. Averaging 10 touches a game and currently the #30 RB in standard. Offense sucks but I think Rex could end up being the most fantasy relevant RB on this team.
  9. This guy is so consistent...either a TD and/or 60 yards every game
  10. Taking a flyer on Hakeem Butler tonight with the Eagles short staffed at TE
  11. Tua is nothing like Kyler. I expect minimal rushing production from Tua. He's definitely mobile but he's going to go to through all of his reads before running it.
  12. For standard, JJ should be low-end RB2, high-end flex the next few weeks. With the Chargers stinking it up, I also think there's a legitimate chance that Ek gets shut down for the season
  13. Stashing Lazard in my IR slot. He might be back by week 11 or 12, giving him a couple weeks to warm up before fantasy playoffs.
  14. Not surprised. Seeing his injury live, I legit thought the dude was done for the season. The 4-6 weeks seemed aggressive considering one of his ligaments got torn off the bone
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