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  1. Def Goff, no question. Seattle pass D is horrendous and they’ll have to throw to keep up
  2. Tough, but I’d give the slight edge to Moss til Tua shows more
  3. Straight forward...who to play this week? Must win for me Josh Allen vs Seattle Justin Herbert vs Las Vegas I’ve come to the realization Herbert is the better option the last couple weeks, but Allen vs Seattle is so tempting...who should I start this week??
  4. This week Boyd and Jackson...I’m a jags fan and Jackson should have a monster game as every other RB does against Jacksonville, and Boyd has a great matchup vs Browns
  5. I’m looking to trade FOR Thomas Would you trade Marc Andrews and either DJ Chark or Tyler Boyd for Michael Thomas? My other TE is Jonnu Smith so I’m still fine at TE.
  6. That sucks with your injuries. I lost CMC but 2 RBs is rough. Yea, might as well. Swift is at least some value for the rest of the year, more then Mattison. Only thing that might make me hesitate is if this is a “must win” week for you.
  7. Definitely McKinnon, I wouldn’t think twice.
  8. Eh it’s close. I’d see if maybe you can get a little more. Season long Hunt and Conner are very close, Hunt more value now with Chubb out, but by fantasy playoff time Conner could very well be the better option. Then your giving up Davis who will be a monster again this week, maybe next week, and he likely holds additional value to the other owner as a CMC handcuff.
  9. Standard scoring I am in big need of RB help. Should I trade Mark Andrews for James Robinson? I have Jonnu Smith as my backup TE.
  10. I’d do it. Zeke is a beast and they should be featuring him more than they have til now and Crowder is very underrated and Jets will be playing from behind the entire year, garbage time stats galore.
  11. I’d def take the trade, then you can grab goedert and I’d try to flip Cam to whoever just lost Dak in your league
  12. Standard scoring I have Mark Andrews and Jonnu Smith but can only play 1 TE a week. I was offered CeeDee Lamb for Andrews, but I’m trying to give up Jonnu instead. Is either of these trades worth it? I have a feeling he’ll only accept Andrews, but I am hesitant. My other WR are Allen Robinson, DJ Chark, Tyler Boyd, Laviska Shenault, and Travis Fulgham
  13. Tough, but I might sit Ertz altogether...he’s the only legit weapon so the focus will be on him and Pittsburgh has the safeties to cover him...so Ebron at TE and then I’d prob go Gage (I have him as well) and the last couple weeks have sucked but I’d roll with him over Hardman...if you can’t stomach benching Ertz then him and Ebron
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