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  1. 12 team 9 cat h2h. Punting assists. PG13 owner is set on Isaac and Jrue being included. He'll probably go for PG13+Nunn, but I wanna try with Bagley first as I can absorb his absence. Isaac's currently returning 2nd rd value and I'm sure Jrue will eventually reach 3rd rd, so feels like a lot of value given. Also slightly weiry of buying too hard into PG's enormous last year. I'm however super heavy on blocks and can afford to lose Isaac, while Jrue's assists are lost to me. WHIR
  2. I know, it wasn't an easy call to make as I love all those guys I sent. My main reasoning was that Kemba's bound to regress at some point, and that he's at peak value right now. He'll no doubt have a career year, but 24-26ppg seems more realistic as he's way up in shooting on his 2p%, and I don't see that sticking. There's also talk now of the Hornets being determined to improve his supporting cast, and if they were to land a guy like Beal it could hurt him and his usage substantially. I also punt assists so those 6apg were wasted value. I agree with you though on the other two, Jr
  3. Deal was Kemba, Jrich and Garris for AD+Dragic. Wasn't a perfect fit since it gutted my 3's and I already top the league in blks, but not everyday you get a shot at the Brow.
  4. Sold high on him after the 60p outburst but now I can't help wondering if I dun goofed...absolute beast
  5. He could become what Myles Turner was supposed to be
  6. 12 team h2h 9cat, auction Karl-Anthony Towns ($67) Kemba Walker ($35) Victor Oladipo ($15) - keeper Steven Adams ($13) Josh Richardson ($13) Robert Covington ($12) Gordon Hayward ($11) Otto Porter Jr ($11) Gary Harris ($9) Jonathan Isaac ($6) Thadd Young ($6) Malcolm Brogdon ($1) Dewayne Dedmon ($1) Too light in rbs/blks, probably need to move some wings for bigs.
  7. Jonathon? We really gonna do this fine young man like that AGAIN this year? Anyway, from what I heard on the SL broadcasts it sounds like the Magic wanna try him a bit at the 3 this year. They've been on him about working on his handles&shot, and want him to be more aggressive offensively. And it's kinda showing a bit so far in SL, but against inferior opponents obviously. He's likely still some years away from bursting onto the scene but personally I think we might have a big one here.
  8. 15/9 with 1.3 blk, 0.7 stl and 0.8-1 3PM on maybe 54%/73%/35% splits would not surprise me at all. He said the main thing the Hawks management wanted him to work on coming in last season was extending his range to three point range, and it showed at the end of last year and this SL. He honestly might be their best player if (when) Schröder's gone.
  9. Thanks for the insight. What do you project his defensive stats will look like when taking the step to the NBA?
  10. Thanks for the input. I get to swap in DLO for any of Garris/DSJ if that makes any difference. I'm probably higher on those two though. Tried all 3 but was a no go. Kaminsky is off the table now, but there's not much better for Joseph available other than similar guys like Crabbe and Theis. 20 team after all, heh.
  11. Absolutely yes. Embiid is approaching borderline 1st rd value.
  12. Move: Westbrook/Paul George/Blake Griffin/Wes Matthews/Frank Kaminsky/Shelvin Mack Get: Jokic/Gary Harris/Dennis Smith Jr/Tyler Johnson/Cory Joseph/Crabbe/2018 1st rd rookie pick, projected ~15. Besides my core of wb/pg13/blake, rest of the team is old and pretty s---, so trying to get younger. 20 team league so figured they'd carry me pretty easy, but looks like I might just miss the playoffs entirely. So future isn't looking super bright. Clearly losing overall current value but I figure Jokic is a top5 dynasty piece, and really dig the upside of DSJ and Garris.
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