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  1. 10 teams, standard money league. would you do this trade ? post your link so i can help in return . Thanks,
  2. what about if i get Aaron Gordon + Bledsoe for Mikal?
  3. who would you rather have? Bledsoe owner is ready to include Larry Nance Jr as well, and i'll be sending Donte or Green. What do you guys think?
  4. not sure why my signature isn't updating . so here my team : 10 Teams H2H 9 Cats - Money League --------------------------------------------------------------------- PG : Dennis Schroder (PG) SG : Marcus Smart ( SG/PG ) - Caris Levert (SG/SF) SF : Paul George (SF) -Otto Porter Jr. (SF) - Robert Covington ( SF/PF ) PF: Kevin Love (PF) - Al Horford (C/PF) - Domantas Sabonis (PF/C) C : Karl-Anthony Towns (C) - Brook Lopez (C) - Nikola Vucevic (C) - Richaun Holmes ( C/PF ) IR: Derrick White ( PG/SG )
  5. This is a standard 10 teams league, details in the signature . let me know your input and leave a link so i can help in return . Thanks.
  6. My ben Simmons and chriss marquese For his shai and randle ! would you do it ?
  7. Hello guys, Jrich clears waivers today, and considering adding him . there's plenty of good FA on my pool : Jrich - thomas bryant - WCJ - Jrich - Derrick white - Grant -OG would you drop anyone from my team for any of these guys ? team and format below : ( 10 teams 9 cats league ) PG : Ben Simmons (PG) - Derrick rose (PG) - Markelle Fultz (PG) - Goran Dragic (PG) SG : Damion Lee (SG) SF : Giannis Antetokounmpo (SF/PF) -Kahwi Leonard (SF) PF: Montrezel Harrell (C/PF) - Zion Williamson (PF) - Marquese Chriss (PF) C : Rudy
  8. My derozan + Zion + Sato for his Shai + Randle + dinwiddie what side would you pick?
  9. I added Kleber to stream for last nights games, and initially drop him for Zion. Powell's injury changed everything here, and Kleber will turn valuable ROS. what do you guys think ? drop Sekou or Kleber?
  10. with powell out for the season most probably, kleber becomes very decent. if you do need the blocks and percentages, drop Prince.
  11. this is a 10 teams league, i would probably drop Klebber who im streaming for this week, so not a big deal .
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