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  1. Should have 2 more assists right now (5). Missed lob flush by Noel and Randle fumbled an open backdoor pass.
  2. Is he getting good looks? Or is it from oreb putbacks?
  3. But was he late on the switch though? 😏
  4. Big yikes, league should probably look into preventing this unnecessary risk of exposure.
  5. wait what? Embiid positive too?
  6. No clip available atm but he injured his ankle in the 4th. Stayed down so they had to stop to get him out. Got up and walked off on his own but visibly upset by the pain (smacked the floor before getting up).
  7. 2 weeks from 12/30 brings us to 1/13/21. So 1/11 @ home vs Pels or 1/13 @ Hornets as possibilities. Ayton owner here counting down the days.
  8. Better do alottttaaa breathing tonight bc its not likely to be a good line vs Gobert unless he decides to be a good 3 pt shooter suddenly
  9. Questionable flagrant 2 hope it doesnt make him less aggressive on block attempts
  10. Seriously, I think same guy wrote Myles Turner's blurb tonight. 0 mention of his 3 blocks adding to his 17 for 20 total in 4 games. Guy doesn't value stocks for some reason: Myles Turner hit 5-of-9 shots, three 3-pointers and 2-of-2 free throws for a season-high 16 points and six rebounds in a loss to the Celtics on Tuesday. Turner’s had a slow start to the season, but showed more life on Tuesday. It was the first game this season he shot better than 50% from the field, and he made three 3-pointers after only making one in his first three games. Slow s
  11. If KD Can produce enough stats in 25 min like tonight im all for it. Reduces risk of load mgmt/injury.
  12. 4th time here, cmon fam 2/10 3 TO at half not the best start for a loyalty reward
  13. Harden Doncic Ad Towns Curry Jokic Giannis Lillard. These r the 8 that go top8 usually and i usually see lillard/jokic in the 7th/8th. Durants been going top10 since preseason games in the leagues i drafted so prob wont be available in the turn anymore. I agree re: embiid on the turn bc centers r scarce in the 2 center leagues.
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