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  1. Got him as a second player in a trade over a week ago.. Damn..
  2. Minutes limit, or not.. I have enough injuries.. My boy is playing for me. WAKANDA
  3. Yes.. I would as well. I am a previous Vooch owner, but traded for DeRozan.
  4. Very solid! I would have loved to get Lillard, but the owner is emotionally invested in him. One of his favorite players..
  5. I'm going to miss this guy. Just traded him for DeMar DeRozan. Vuc has been a tank truly all year. I wanted to ride him until the wheels fell off, but I liked the offer way too much.
  6. If anybody has been successful in trading Vucevic.. Who did you target for him as a sell high?
  7. REALLY debating on picking him up.. I'm also in the breakthrough train with you all.
  8. The 76ers schedule is just glorious coming up in terms of their opponents. I'd look into their players! Their next games are..Pacers, Knicks, Nets, Hornets, Grizzlies, Magic.
  9. I know it's only his first game there, but a 6th man role off the bench backing up both Ingles and Favors is more than enough to be fantasy relevant to me. Plus he was out on the court during crunch time for his defense. The minutes should be safe and I'd guess around 26-30 depending on the game and the flow of it. Side note.. announcers too said Jae's father played for the Jazz. He sounds very, very excited to do well on the Jazz and prove his worth.
  10. I dropped him for Bogdan when I had the chance, but I'm still rooting for the guy. He has the tools, the minutes, the opportunity, etc. We all saw it in the playoffs with Prince.. He is fully capable of being more.
  11. Looks like a rec league player.. Balls out. Smokin' Joe baby! Guy just knows how to play.
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