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  1. Embiid startups was just changed from healthy to out? Did he inj himself at the end of the game? Rest?
  2. Walked off without help, definitely rolled it. Looked to be of the minor variety, but wouldn’t be surprised if he missed a couple games.
  3. This was a team that was supposed to be an elite team in the east, right? Have they played like that up till this point? Nope, but somehow that’s not the coaches fault? The Celtics all year have looked like a team of “me” first basketball players where every player is playing for their next big contract and trying to prove they are starting material. Last night, I watched that game again, they moved the ball, they looked unselfish, and no coincidence the team flourished, like they have been with Kyrie out. Coach has to be able to integrate the pieces, up till last night, they’ve been unable ab
  4. Have you watched any Celtics games this year? I have, a lot of them. And yes they have been terribly coached all year and have been playing hero ball, zero ball movement, terrible chemistry, and lots of terrible forced shots. So you can pretend you know a lot about ball, but you ain’t watching any, that’s obvious. Turn the Tv on and watch a game. Love people who only watch box scores and make assumptions. Their chemistry has been terrible, that’s the coaches job, and he’s failed all year.
  5. I personally think he’s ready to produce, but he’s on a poorly coached team with a lot of me first adittude....
  6. Not yet... I think he comes back next week, but my thoughts are not based on anything said by anyone important, just hoping i guess.
  7. Hurry up and snag him, he looks like he’s ready to roll for the remainder of the season.
  8. Jeez, I only have played deep leagues for like a decade, so my perspective may be a little off, but if this is a competitive league, how is he still available? Mitch has been a monster and surely someone could use those blocks and rebounds.
  9. Haha, well I’m pretty sure no one else in is thread shares your same desire. Rooting for Teague to book that early vacation to Jamaica and make room for Tyus to beast.
  10. I’m leaning towards this being an exception and not the rule. They lost tonight, they are fighting for a playoff spot, and he has played well as a starter. He’ll be back in the starting lineup next game.
  11. Will probably be back and forth which will make him tough to own. Haven’t seen any updates on the situation so I’m assuming the worst. Dropped first night he was made inactive and haven’t looked back.
  12. I am... I’m in a deep league and looking for a stash with big upside. Teague injury history this year and the fact the wolves are not in the playoffs makes me think he’s looking at considerable usage down the stretch. Here’s hoping.
  13. Great fantasy skill set, but was always a better fantasy player than a real life player.
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