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  1. Then we be making love on Thursday and Friday and chill on Sunday?
  2. FWIW I traded him and Boj Bog for Brogdon and Gallo. He's a simp.
  3. I'm pretty sure they missed a rebound in the 4th Q for this fella. He ended up with 9 boards so hopefully they correct it.
  4. Traded Lowry for him before the news. The lottery ticket was far too tempting and there is a chance Lowry goes down at some stage too. Oh well, keep that IR spot warm, Wardell.
  5. Does anyone know if a player with the SSPD tag can be slot into the IR? Can't find any info on the site. Cheers.
  6. Hope he doesn't choke. Too bad he doesn't have a stranglehold on the starting spot.
  7. If the haters are going to speak up when he has his bad games, i'm going to make sure I'm flipping them the bird from the highest peak of the rollercoaster.
  8. Markk here but its pretty close. Bagley will probably average 20 and 10.
  9. If anything i guess its a punt asst and TOs build with your two top guards being shooters. I'd back it up with two big men then target your ottos Richardsons and covingtons later.
  10. Hey guys, I was given the 14th pick in my 14 teamer so went guards first by taking Kyrie and Jrue. I left my SG pick late and nabbed Gary Harris with Monk as backup which is not ideal. Should i trade Kyrie and Monk away for Donovan Mitchell and Kyle Lowry or do i need a first round value in return? Thanks and WHIR
  11. I'm going for the season as I own Gary and he is the epitome of a handcuff.
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