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  1. If he scored 9points, this line is golden. They are just emphasizing too much the points lol.
  2. Agreed with this 100%. Not on my team in any leagues.
  3. What stats are you talking about? He was ranked 187 last month (13 games) of last season, the 14ppg may fool you but other peripherals are not that good. Rank 255 last 2 months (23 games) of last season *Stats are from BBM The frustration and hope I think stems from the prophecy of Magic Johnson. Plus the "untouchable" player for the lakers. He may be a good basketball player down the road but this season will be more like his rookie season I think.
  4. If I remember correctly, Giannis was a project coming in to the NBA while Ingram was a College superstar for Duke.
  5. He got injured. I'm actually fine with his production this week. 3 3PM, 2STLS 4BLKS.
  6. Who is banking Ingles to Finish in the top 30 or 20 in this thread? Lol I'm just hoping for him to finish in the top 80 considering I pick him at 121 lol
  7. He got paid this summer, so role will be safe. Are you really worried with Mitchell? Dude is just chucking shots left and right right now.
  8. How can his assists come if he have garbage teammates haha. KCP will help him tremendously this season.
  9. I like him in college but he is a bust especially for a 2nd pick in the Draft. His body it seems like is not improving at all.
  10. Past 3 seasons.haha. The problem is, Covington got injured later than him (meniscus as well) and yet he will be given a full load. While Embiid, with no recent complication in his Foot will be restricted again? Is he a slow healer or his foot is not yet fully healed?
  11. Fwiw he scored 26 pts against the twolves when he was still playing with cska moscow
  12. The league I'm in now is on its 7th season. It depends on the activity of the managers and especially the commissioner.
  13. After not playing from January to this point, do you expect him to play 30 minutes on the get go?
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