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  1. Not looking like a good match up vs a red hot Angels team, on top of the fact that they have hit .408 on him collectively in the past. I'm benching.
  2. Anyone warming up in the Brewers pen (preferably Barnes)?
  3. Frustrated as hell that Harden and Schroeder are blowing it for me in FT%. I normally cruise to wins in this cat but I'm currently just barely losing in a VERY tight matchup. Both these guys are normally 85%+ shooters but this week are shooting 72% and 50% respectively.
  4. Very frustrating. Only shooting 72% this week. Not good when he's your super high FT% volume anchor. Currently losing FT% by 0.05%
  5. Damn. I was planning on scooping him up for a potential block party @Sac, but this changes things...
  6. Picked him last week when one of my guys went down, he's been surprisingly good. Spo trusts him a lot and gives him a ton of minutes and he delivered, especially last night. I know the score seems lopsided, but there was a point when the Heat were down by like 15 but Justise led a run, scoring 7 points in a row and played awesome defense, bringing brought the Heat within 2 before the Blazers pulled away in the last 3 minutes of the game. His FT% is horrible, but he's averaging 2.4 FTA the past month, so it won't exactly kill you. He makes up for it in every other category, so I'll take it unt
  7. News broke that Wall is "ahead of schedule" with the earliest we see him being 2 weeks. Sato has been playing so, so well but in the last couple of games that I watched, he seems to be getting pushed out of the picture. He runs the ball up the floor, then gives it to Beal who takes over from there. Sato rarely touches the ball after that. Is it time to move on? There are some intriguing drops that were made in my league and I want to take advantage.
  8. Kawhi probably not returning for ROS. Can we count on 25mpg? If we can produce 1/12/6/1/1 at the end of the bench, that would be awesome.
  9. Like the RW blurb says, Olynyk's return after the break is going to make the 4 very crowded.
  10. As much as I want him to succeed, he most likely won't. The NBA has absolutely no clue who this kid is. They don't know his game, his strengths, his weaknesses. I bet both my nuts that teams have now pulled up his G-League film/scouting reports. He might have a decent first couple games, but opposing players will very quickly figure him out.
  11. In need of a big in a 12 team h2h 9cat league. Spo loves Bam, but the Heat are in the midst of a playoff run so not sure if he'll rely on a rookie so much. Powell has been playing well as of late, and the Mavs may possibly shut down Dirk as they tank, but Carlisle is known to juggle the lineup often. That being said, which would be the lower risk pickup?
  12. Getting Augustin would be sweet. You can just punt assists, which is fine. Just stay put for a week or so and see if THJ can shoot his way out.
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