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  1. Getting decimated by injuries, he is carrying my Roto team right now. Basically got him for free in the draft loving the finish.
  2. Many will loose or win their league because of this guy. Don't be that guy.
  3. Mitchell Robinson is the 7th rookie in the last 30 years to record a double-double and 5+ blocks in back-to-back games. These are the other six: David Robinson Dikembe Mutombo Shaquille O’Neal Alonzo Mourning Tim Duncan Yao Ming
  4. Mitchell Robinson last 10 games: 21.4 mpg 9.6 points 8.2 rebounds .709 fg% 3.1 blocks
  5. I actually drafted this guy with my last pick after watching him in SL because my team desperately needed blocks and I have held him all of this time only because in the past I have dropped players only to see them go off the second half of the season so I told myself that I would hold and be more patient with my team and players in the future. To me it stings a lot worse to drop someone and see them help another team win a championship, than to hold someone and they be a bust. MRob has been a painful hold, but I'm glad I did now (obviously). I will say this though. This year I told myse
  6. And to think, at the beginning of the year people in this thread were actually mocking Jokic owners for taking him in the first round.
  7. I am thinking potential double double threat every night with good percentages for a big. No stocks at all but clean. Potential to blow up if given the minutes. Don't think he signed there to ride the bench, he had multiple offers so he must have been assured a nice role imo. All speculation though.
  8. I was just about to drop him last night, but said I would hold until after the ASB. One of the few times the basketball gods were in my favor.
  9. Lowkey beast I love getting him at a low adp compared to his actual value every year.
  10. Don’t have stock in him this year, had him last year one of my favorite players hate this
  11. Granted it was an AC post, the post was revelant to this thread to assess Jokic’s value which is important. Plus I don’t understand why Jokic isn’t widely considered a first round player when he consistently ranks there. My purpose to responding was to express that fact. There isn’t much difference between KD and Jokic ROS and Jokic is clearly more valuable in certain settings and team builds. I get it, it makes you feel good to exert your “veteran” status rather than assessing the posts relevance to the overall thread and responding accordingly.
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