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  1. did this so i dont get people sayiing i want the team then backing out so here is the H2H cats
  2. here are the rules LEAGUE RUNDOWN 1st.stay active it means set lineups , answer trades / emails about trades even if u dont like the offer please answer it2nd.We will be having a 4 round rookie/WW draft during the offseason and if u want to trade your draft picks you can ( in season or offseason ur call)but if you do trade a pick you need to post the whole trade in a post and get the other owner to post agree if not posted or posted right the trade will be veto3rd.WE finish out the whole season/playoffs ( meaning setting ur roster and not throwing ur games if we see that is what ur doing
  3. looking for one replacement owner in a 20 team free baseball Dynasty league in espn in its 2nd year here is the team Vin Scully's Vatos Clubhouse - Dynasty Trio Baseball - ESPN Fantasy Baseball
  4. got another 30 mins before i stop looking for extra owners we are at 13 waiting on 14 to join
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