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  1. he is out Monday but maybe reevaluated Tuesday and play Wednesday. It may also take longer than a week. Hawks didn’t say he is out “at least one week” tho.
  2. Was so excited to have this guy back till I checked his box score....
  3. Also I think Carmelo is worth a look now RoCol is out.
  4. This guy is in the non drop list on ESPN. Not like anyone will drop him but his name and perceived value are ridiculous.
  5. Nicolas Batum is having a better season. Enough said.
  6. If he’s available, this is the last chance to pick him up. It might take him a few games to be productive but I think once he settles should have all the opportunities to produce. Orlando needs him.
  7. Thibs had pretty strong history to not playing rookies and tends to over play his guys. His pecking order might be behind Burks, Rivers and Payton. Not super high on him at the moment.
  8. In post game today Thibs said he likes Payton’s size against bigger guards and IQ’s spark off bench. Doesn’t sound like he will be starting soon and some up and down should be expected
  9. Rough start. 0/5 and I just rage dropped him. He will start turning it around you guys can thank me later. 😢
  10. At least I can now finally dropped this bum and not regretting someone will pick it up anytime soon.
  11. Hopefully we get a result. He went to specialist twice and no follow up news. They Memphis listed him Day-to-day. It is very ridiculously not transparent
  12. I would take a solid top 50 players for him. His trade value is probably not as good his true value tho since everyone knows you picked him up from waiver wire. Most GM won't give you something they drafted for a guy you picked up.
  13. I saw this guy is visiting a specialist blurb "twice". No news is a good news ? If you have hold on him for so long, just wait to find out.
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