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  1. Dolphins are an 8-8 +/- 2 win team. The Jets and Bills are not super awesome this year. Everyone thinks Miami is the worst team in the NFL this year. It doesn't make any sense. Nobody has any useful information to support the Dolphins being a bad team. Quarterbacks are better. Downgrade at RT. Gase was replaced with a bunch of Patriots coaches and Jim Caldwell. They won 7 games last year with Tennehill hurt and Brock starting 1/3rd of their games: 6 wins minimum. I won't be surprised if they are not eliminated from the playoffs week 15. Vegas said the Bears and Browns were t
  2. I wasn't making an argument. State laws treat pot the same as alcohol when driving. Most companies have zero tolerance policies for drugs. Not sure how one can disagree with how the world works. Josh Gordon is banned. The NFL is not changing the CBA so kids can smoke pot and make millions of dollars playing football.
  3. I think it would be a great alternative to high cost prescription drugs. Our elected federal representatives and their pharmaceutical lobbyists disagree. Prescription painkiller ODs are as big a killer as opioids. You still can't tell if someone was high 3 days ago or right now using current testing methodologies. Regulations and testing need to improve. Maybe blood tests could be effective? The biggest issue is using it responsibly, same as alcohol. Either way, allowing players to use drugs is the same as letting them play drunk. Brand and perception make this a non starter
  4. Very true. And DWIs have really big fines! Give us lots of money and go take a class.
  5. It's why Michigan made it legal. Detroit and Grand Rapids stopped prosecuting marijuana charges about 5 years ago. If states didn't want it, they would have their attorney general file a lawsuit on the grounds that it violates federal law. Done. Enforcing it costs too much and is ineffective.
  6. Marijuana is still a federally controlled substance. States are making it legal because they have lost the appetite to prosecute and address the issue with criminal charges. Companies still have zero tolerance policies. If you get hurt at work and fail a drug test, you lose your job. Lots of companies won't employ tobacco users because of the health care costs. People also don't consider the driving aspect of pot. It's the same as a DWI. If you get pulled over, and have pot in your system which can last 30 days, you get charged with drunk driving whether or not you were high
  7. Terelle Pryor was 126th in yards after catch when he had 1,000 yards with Cleveland. That means all his catches were given to him, against prevent defenses, to keep the clock running. Nobody seemed to care when I explained this. He doesn't do contested catches or TDs very well.
  8. They drafted a decent guard from Wisconsin in the 3rd round. He'll be a quality starter. RT is a downgrade. They signed a couple guys to replace him, but they won't be on the blind side. Still, its an upgraded o-line from what both the new QBs had last year. QBs are an upgrade. They won one more game without Landry last year, or do you mean Amendola? He won't be missed. Old man Gore won't be missed. Drake and Ballage will be fine. Other than the RT, the guy they will miss the most is Wake, but he's 37 and needs to be replaced. This team has drafted well th
  9. I'm a Browns fan. For the last 5+ years, I've told all my friends this is a 4 win team until they win 5 games. I don't do bias. I also don't give a crap about MIA. The HC, OC, and DC have 30+ years of experience with BB. This team did not suck before the new coaches moved in. I have no idea how that makes them a 4 win team. Thinking about it makes my brain hurt. They will use the crap out of any RB on their roster any given week. They will win lots of games. You will hate them. Probably because you bet against them. I will laugh. It will be lots of fun.
  10. This team is 8-8 +/-2 wins. Based on their last 3 seasons and current coaching, I have no reason to believe otherwise. Arizona being in TOTAL REBUILD mode after an 8-8 season was easy to predict. You agree. This is the the same team with arguably better coaching than the last 3 seasons. The only argument I am hearing from other people is "Miami sucks". I need more! Vegas odds are based on current bets. Nobody is betting on MIA. I should. Thanks.
  11. Vegas odds are based on who is betting on them to win. It has nothing to do with math or data, only perception.
  12. Brock was 2-3 starting for a team that finished 7-9 last year. Gase is gone and all the coaches have 10 years NFL experience together winning Super Bowls with the same team. Why is MIA making the playoffs funny? I don't get it?
  13. Loins changed GMs in 2016 after 4 years of 7-9 to 11-5 seasons. Their best OT and two best edge rushers were both injured last year. 3-6 after trading Golden Tate last year. Too many moving pieces for blaming a new HC. BUF's leading rusher is their 6'7" QB. They aren't much better than their 6-10 record last season. NYJ aren't that good (Gase's new team not as good as MIA). Chargers, Steelers, Colts, and Browns can all be beat: they are NOT KC, NE, NO, STL. BAL DEF left in FA. Cowboys usually start slow and lose easy games. Eagles are not the team they were two years ago. I ju
  14. 2018: Brock starts 5 games with a 2-3 record. Team finishes 7-9. They will use ALL their RBs, especially when it pisses you off the most. Nobody has studied game tape of this offense more than QB Harvard. Don't over think or generalize. This team will be in the playoff hunt week 15.
  15. Losing their best WR and RB takes them from 10-6 to 7-9. Jay Cutler led them to a fantastic 6-10 season . This team is bad why?
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