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  1. This what happens when they actually utilize kamara lmao only took Payton 16 games but I’ll take it for the championship round 😂
  2. The sample size is a bit small for my liking whereas you know what you’re getting wit Brady or herb. Either way rankings or not I do think the upside is too good to pass one
  3. This prolly will be my riskiest decision in my fantasy football history but I’m likely going to start him over Herbert and Brady. Although those two offer steadier production I just think the matchup and what hurts brings to the table are too much to pass up. Reminds me of tyrod about 4 years ago on the bills where his rushing and passing volume took me over the top
  4. Hopefully just an extra day of rest but I’m slightly concerned since he hasn’t registered back to back DNPs before.
  5. I dropped him as well to block my opponent from picking up some waiver wire picks. But looks like he’s healthy now on yahoo and I’m guessing he’s going to play
  6. Honestly unless we get another update before the game I’m going to keep mostert in my lineup cause he’s the starter and I just like his upside more to break free. That being said, I think DAL is bad enough where both mostert and Wilson will get theirs. I can see double digit points for both
  7. so i was pretty set on starting wilson and expected mostert to be out, but this def changes things. i think if hes deemed healthy without any designation he has to be the start? yeah wilson will get his but i cant see them not playing mostert if hes fully ready to go
  8. i'd be elated to see this news for any other player but if this guys not fully healthy i really wish they would sit him this week and have wilson featured in a prime matchup lol
  9. i usually always start my studs, but this guy is going to sit comfortably on my bench for the next 2 weeks. dont think i can start him with any confidence with the way they're playing
  10. do we like enough of what we saw to fire him up as a starter this week? honestly that browns game was all over the place, i'm wondering if they just ground and pound against a weak jax team
  11. i know there still hasnt been any concrete news, but looking like this guy might not even be able to give me 2 games in the playoffs lol. at this point, i'd rather they sit him so i can play wilson with full confidence and not have to worry about them splitting carries against a very nice matchup
  12. Honestly as bad as he’s been I don’t think I can bench him for round 1 of playoffs after starting him all season.. ride or die time
  13. Really debating on if I should drop a fringe flex to stash this guy since I own mostert.. but with the coaching staff I just don’t know if I could start him over or if he might not even get carries another game lol
  14. From what I saw McKinnon was only used on 3rd down and Wilson had a pretty similar role to mostert grounding and pounding on early downs
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