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  1. They are 100% BSing us - you don't rehab all offseason, avoiding TJS instead opting for platelet rich injection to come back and toss 29 pitches to have a foreboding forearm strain & say you'll be back in the near future.
  2. Oh absolutely! I was looking forward to having him on my squad as a "nice to have" elite/high end guy
  3. I feel bad for the guy - tried something experimental to come back and it obviously didn't work. I feel worse for my fantasy team - thought I had four bona fide top end starters!
  4. Lovely. @AJCassavell Dinelson Lamet exited today with right forearm tightness, the Padres say. Ugh.
  5. OH. BOY. @AJCassavell Dinelson Lamet exited today with right forearm tightness, the Padres say. Ugh.
  6. https://twitter.com/AJCassavell/status/1384974736631861250?s=20 Dinelson Lamet's exit after just 29 pitches today was indeed unplanned. No word yet on the reason behind his exit. But coming off his recovery from a UCL strain, this obviously isn't a good sign.
  7. Thanks for help on mine. I'm not certain I'd be dropping anybody for what's on your WW. Hard to see any of those WW moves actually improving your team from what you currently have on your roster!
  8. You're talking about a player that had an ADP of top 20 going into this season. He didn't just drastically fall off a cliff at his age 27 season. Short sell on him for those of you that are thinking about selling - it's a terrible decision.
  9. His main value comes from the fact he's consistently been a power hitting shortstop, who has an .850+ OPS & drives in 75-90. His stolen bases are absolutely a cherry on top.
  10. I see we have a Cleveland fan on our hands whose upset their best player (who was homegrown) since the Baerga/Belle days had to be traded as the org wasn't willing to pay him (and that's precisely what happened) & now is Anti-Lindor.... I mean - he's only on a pace to get 3k hits in his career with stellar power numbers. Terrible.
  11. You drop Singer and start Lamet today. You're getting back a high-end SP2 in any fantasy lineup - you don't sit those players. Help?
  12. I'm currently in second place in my Roto league but my offense could use a bit of a jolt (especially with Bellinger out). I have Kyle Seager & Hampson that I've been using in/out of my lineup. Does it make sense to drop one of those two for Alex Kiriloff seeing that he should be up any day & hopefully taking every day at bats? 100% WHIR - thanks!
  13. Thoughts on if he is worth rostering in seasonal leagues? Short term playing time or if he hits well he can win an everyday role?
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