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  1. As a keeper owner of Diontae, he was ranked 22nd in our PPR league. I'm planning on keeping him - is it crazy to think, over a full healthy year, with JuJu gone he can crack the top 12 and become a WR1 next year?
  2. THIS. Can't wait to keep him going into next year, plug him in my lineup as a high-end WR2 and enjoy watching it happen.
  3. Cool if Johnson gets 35 pts himself in this upcoming game (see my post above)?
  4. Full point PPR I need to win to stay in contention I'm up 21 - I have Diontae, he has Josh Allen & Diggs. I think I'm going to be sweating it out tonight......
  5. He will clear protocol, start, and see 8 carries as Matt Patricia continues to be "smartest man in the room".
  6. Crowder and potentially Perriman - those two would be the only ones I'd consider. Thanks for help on mine (and you were spot on correct...keeper not dynasty - I'm in too many leagues LOL)
  7. How did you grossly overpay? You got the significantly better player back in return; I think you did very well here.
  8. I'd do this: Was just shown Kamara/Diontae Johnson for Hopkins/Jacobs. I wouldn't consider Ballage/Ekeler if I was the other owner. You're getting the better end of the deal above I do believe. Thanks on mine!
  9. Dynasty, PPR Team in my signature I'm 1 game out of my divisional lead Do I make the trade of: My Mixon and a 5th or 6th for his Chubb? Of course I'm looking at this year, but also into the next few years. Our deadline is tomorrow morning... I'd consider keeping: Ryan, Goff, Chubb, Swift, Diontae, Thomas, Claypool, Jeudy, Lockett (keep 6 - I cannot keep James Robinson)
  10. Rodgers - Herbert has been an amazing WW find but out of those two you play Rodgers ROS Thanks on mine!
  11. Hines Duuukkkeeeee meyers (Certainly not Chark or Bernard) thanks on mine!
  12. Which two do you start in a non-PPR league? Diontae Johnson @JAX Amari Cooper @MIN (with Dalton back) Calvin Ridley @ IND 100% WHIR - thanks in advance!
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