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  1. Yup makes complete sense. I'm ready for this trainwreck of a season to be over tbh. My league sucks a** too lol. Idiots insist on non-ppr every year. This game is the proof of why that's so flawed.
  2. He was always gonna outscore Diggs bc Diggs doesn't score TDs. as i've been saying. What a joke. Up against Gordon and Waller, and Diggs has a great game completely neutralized by the Gordon garbage time TD.
  3. exactly. Any other WR in the league who does 147 yards pairs it with a TD or two. Never Diggs except last week. He's Julio 2.0 and it's maddening. Good for those in PPR, but in non it's such a disappointment to see Gordon pretty much match his score doing barely anything except luckily fall into the EZ.
  4. Diggs is the new Julio, tons of receptions, no TDs to speak of. Great I really need his 90 yards with no TDs in the semi's up against Waller and Gordon. And Gordon is outscoring him right now in non-ppr. What a joke.
  5. Gage, he'll get the volume with Julio out, esp in full PPR. Atl will need to throw with their lack of run game. I think the other 2 options aren't nearly as reliable.
  6. Zeke out of those options - Balt run D has been gashed lately as well. Hard to trust Chark and esp Trequan this week.
  7. Sanders - Brees should look for him plenty with MT out. Patrick is tempting since Lock loves to air it out, but Buff is gonna show up for this game and their D has been playing a lot better. I think it'll be a blowout in Den, whereas the KC/NO game should be a shootout. Brady - no run game with RoJo out, and ATL run D is real legit, their pass D isn't, so Brady will need to air it out. Hurts is just tough to trust.
  8. Beasley for me. Hard to sit Lockett, but the matchup is tough, whereas Denver is down 4 starting CBs and the Bills are rolling.
  9. I'd def go Kmet out of those options, the volume has been there lately. All those choices are dart throws so I don't feel like its a make a break decision for your team, but the floor will be there and the ceiling is higher IMO. If Cook or Irv Smith are on your wire i'd play either over all those options tho.
  10. I'd still lean Cooper. He's shown to be productive with Dalton. Johnson may get left behind if Watson needs to throw a lot vs Indy.
  11. I'd go Hunt, he's gonna get a lot of usage regardless of gamescript.
  12. I'm in a similar boat (but Ebron instead of Cook) and honestly i'd go with upside play in Irv out of those choices. As long as he gets targets he produces with Rudolplh and finds the end zone as well. The matchup vs Chi is great and I think he's your best bet for a TD or even 2 to try to counter Waller. Zona is a tough matchup for TEs and Hurts kinda kills Geodert's upside since he'll scramble instead of look for his TEs to bail him out like Wentz did. Cook is a fine play, but never gets great volume, and we really don't know what shape Brees is in. Could be a huge Kamara/Sanders game.
  13. How do we feel about him this week? His usage is still pretty decent and he has a great matchup vs Cinci, but his drops are concerning. The lack of the run game helps, as does the fact that Ben can't throw deep anymore. Wondering if anyone is sitting him for some of the upside WRs like Irv Smith, Kmet, Cook, etc.
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