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  1. If Embiid is back tonight, who should I drop to make room: Nunn, Donte, or Bruce Brown?
  2. seems like he's playing tomorrow hopefully we dont see mcrae cuts into his minutes too much
  3. lets hope the night off + maliks suspension get this dud back on track for playoffs
  4. drop city or worth a hold? he was rosterable on det but ill assume his usage goes way down on the clips
  5. and embiid is 1/10 at the half right now smh
  6. man u know there weren't many deadline winners when the forums full of dudes arguing about the necessity of a sig lmao
  7. weird deadline....some teams loading up on bigs, others going small ball
  8. yes and no....deadline is in an hour, but i think the rule is they have to be on the call by 3....trades will keep rolling in all evening
  9. took a flier on bell this morning smh houston is allergic to Cs
  10. yup youre right i cant read a calendar lol
  11. this dude was a beast when luka was out earlier this season. dal has 3 more games this week. run dont walk
  12. really hope tmz was hacked and this is fake
  13. i could see conley getting moved considering they went 10-1 while he was injured before isaac went down i had gordon pegged as a trade target but now they probably need him to stay basically any player who is under performing on their current team is a trade target imo
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