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  1. Tate is the man. Riding the wave. Keep tanking Rockets. What is that 13 losses in a row?
  2. Hey I somewhat agree, but however last season I didn’t expect a team to trade for Wall’s contract but here we are today with Wall a rocket!
  3. Tucker should be bought out or traded Gordon should be traded Oladipo should be traded. Nwaba is out six weeks. Hopefully my wishful thinking is. Starting lineup should be. Wall/KPJ/Tate/House/Wood If they go full rebuild.
  4. Well considering he was playing small ball 5 before the injury. Unless Claxton develops a 3 I don’t see that changing.
  5. Could be. Probably after ASB though you get Durant and Jeff Green back. Also keep in mind that they are looking for a big in the buyout market.
  6. 9 Steals by Halftime? Who is this White Gary Payton?
  7. Didn’t like Lloyd Pierce Already not liking McMillan Who y’all want Phil Jackson?
  8. Depends. Supposedly after All Star Break, Rockets are bringing back Kevin Martin Jr., so he will get some minutes at the 5 as well.
  9. This. I watched the game, he received two lobs, I think one from Kyrie and one from Harden and even the announcers were like he looks gassed. Harden took a foul and they took him out right then and put in Deandre Jordan.
  10. Then let’s stop complaining about Bertans if nobody in here has the cojones to drop him.
  11. And yes Duncan Robinson before the last 3 games or so was dog crap!
  12. Someone above did a better list. I’m in the middle of drinks. With that said, we have provided a list. Whether you use it or not depends on you.
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