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  1. Yeah I’m getting pretty sick of this guy, he needs to be more passive and just pass, let Brown take all the shots at least he is shooting better.
  2. I agree and I believe it all started with Daryl Morey and his statistics where 3 > 2 and percentage wise comparison between a 2 point shot, to a 3 point shot and how close it was. Thus, which led to the inevitable evaporation of the mid range jumper that many 2000’s prime players made a living/career using. Examples: T-Mac, Richard Hamilton, Allen Iverson, Latrell Sprewell and many many more.
  3. Difference in the quality of players between the two sites. Sheesh!
  4. He was 0% last night, I look at 1% today and picked up in 3 of my leagues. Who!!??
  5. And we thought we was in the clear. Damn just as I thought about trading him this morning wish I would have.
  6. I didn’t say it, @rob0403said they going to trade Wall as well so he can take over at PG.
  7. That’s a lot of movement. So you expect within the next two weeks: Oladipo gone Wall Gone Cousins already been waived. Tucker to be moved Gordon to be moved.
  8. If I’m the cheap owner of the Rockets with Oladipo and Wall chucking up shots and them trying to give quality minutes to Nwaba and Tate, Wood coming back, they still have House Jr and Mclemore. Lots of people who wants shots.
  9. While everybody is running to Gallinari, I’m sneakily adding this guy.
  10. Yeah he has been dog crap this week. Sometimes I wish he would stop shooting.
  11. Lol... yeah if the Lakers do that. No repeat is happening. Gasol for Whiteside? Haha Gasol is way better than Whiteside and Gasol is about as good as Jokic as far as passing C’s goes and can shoot 3’s.
  12. Fair. But how many minutes do you suppose he gets? Lakers: Gasol gets 22 and Harrell gets 24-28. So he is 3rd string there. Nets: Jordan gets about 20 and Green/Durant get the rest, they just got Claxton back.
  13. Nobody is watching Rockets games. So I don’t think people are paying attention.
  14. We’ve said this over 3 pages. People still believe that Whiteside is a defensive stud.
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