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  1. Yes agreed on some points. I thought the Sacramento deal made more sense as Buddy Hield would of provided a decent shooter and gave them more flexibility with roster structure due to their cap situation. Now they are 120 million in the hole with only 4 players signed and have to figure out what to do with: Schroeder Drummond Caruso THT It's like the Heat situation all over again with only having a MLE and a bunch of Vet minimums being available. In this current climate who is willing to sign for the Vet Min? Might can convince Carmelo and Whiteside, but as far as
  2. True. But knowing that Rui is their own 1st round pick who they want to see what they are going to do with him once his rookie deal expires and Bertans is being paid 16 million a season, I think they both will start. Kuz will get plenty of opportunities to prove himself.
  3. Agreed the Kings have to move Hield for somebody cause as it stands right now they have: Fox/Haliburton/Hield/Wright/Mitchell all fighting for spots.
  4. Bertans is starting. Kuzma is coming off the bench behind Huchimara.
  5. No I get it. And for those wondering about the cap situation for the Lakers: Westbrook is at 44 million Lebron is at 41 million AD is at 35 million You tell me how much money they have left. Gasol is at 3 million.
  6. The Lakers didn’t even play Ben McLemore that much. He was stuck behind Matthews.
  7. In the closing minutes you have Westbrook waving off Lebron for a pull up 3 that is way off and then committing a foul in frustration.
  8. Agreed, I’m the closing minutes of a game you have Westbrook and Lebron who are both poor free throw shooters.
  9. Trezz falls behind Thomas Bryant when he comes back and maybe Daniel Gafford. Kuzma falls behind Huchimara. KCP falls behind Beal. Westbrook still is a 2nd round pick fantasy wise. The good bet will be who will have more rest days between Lebron and Westbrook.
  10. You are quoting the wrong guy. I never said anything about him averaging 30, I provided info on him being close to averaging 30.
  11. in respects to PPG like he doesn't have other intangibles.
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