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  1. Damn who else? Because missing 41 of 82 games is a deal breaker.
  2. Just trade him. It’s bad PR. Keeping a disgruntled employee and just fining them to the moon instead of just letting them go. Sends out a bad message to other players who may want to come to Philly. Trade him and move on. Shouldn’t have signed him to that dumb contract anyways, we all knew what he was two seasons ago.
  3. Here is the issue. Some mocks and “expert” draft projections have Dame at 4. So if you get him at 7 that’s value. Theoretically Dame is as good as it gets to playing close to a whole season and no “rest” or serious injury concerns. Doncic shouldn’t even be top 10 unless you are punting FT% as many projections have him ranked in the 20’s. Giannis is a Top 3 pick and Embiid has rest/injury concerns. The same can be said for Durant with his rest and someone will take a step back between the three headed monster (Kyrie, Harden, Durant) and Tatum I think has hit his ceiling last year being drafted around 10th-13th.
  4. AD won’t hold. Here is the problem. Westbrook will get his triple doubles (AD rebounds go down). AD won’t like to bang with the big boys so you will see DJ and Dwight. Rest Days for AD after he feared he messed up his Achilles last season. I don’t know how sure I would be for AD this season in a boom or bust year.
  5. It would but when they both play KPJ goes down. Look at the stats, all the games KPJ went off or had a decent game were when Wall sat. When Wall played he was averaged. Therefore if Wall is still trying to prove himself it may come at the detriment of KPJ. The point of the Rockets getting KPJ was to develop him into a point guard.
  6. I suppose. On a rebuilding team I don't see the point but I guess if you have to play him. Last season ranked 169 in 40 games. That puts him around waiver wire material, unless you think he is going to significantly improve on this team.
  7. They are rebuilding. What does playing him 30 minutes do?
  8. I hope nothing. This is Jalen Green/Kevin Porter Jr/Jae’sean Tate season. He should just be an assistant coach.
  9. Fair enough. The only thing about Zion was that his first season he was injured only played 24 games. Last season he only missed 11. Also he is almost like a triple punt. I guy I’m drafting in the top 50 who doesn’t hardly block, poor FT shooter, 3 TO’s per game.
  10. So maybe I missed this somewhere, did they put the player profiles and updates all behind a paywall? What website are we using to get up to date (depth charts, player updates, trades, etc.) that was similar? Why would they put basic info like that behind a paywall?
  11. Boucher is high as heck No Westbrook Ya'll still drafting Zion that high? Beal Top 10?
  12. No I meant it like Bledsoe belongs on the wire. All of last season he was mostly that, a waiver wire.
  13. People calling a millionaire an idiot when I know people who make less than 40k divorced twice and have lost their house/car and the dog and still pay child and spousal support.
  14. The very 1st post has Gobert at 19 and Capela at 20.
  15. To add: I originally had Luka at 24 but have since moved him to the turn. That’s pretty much his ceiling. I remember last season there was much hype and people drafted Doncic and Trae in the first round and it didn’t go well for many people. I believe the highest I saw Trae go last season was 10 and Doncic went 6th. I have Trae now at 16 and Doncic at 12. Embiid I have as far down as 13. Too much risk, load managed and Drummond backing him up which should lead to less minutes for Embiid to rest that knee. Bradley Beal I have at 17. I know many will scream (too low!!) but new coach, Dinwiddie next to him, I don’t think this will be his great numbers on a s---y team like last year with Westbrook. Donovan Mitchell, I don’t get the hype, way too high, I have him at 40. Porzingis; I guess you can say yeah when he plays he is top 25 for the last 3 seasons. But to draft a guy 3rd round who I know has missed 20-30 games the last 3 seasons ain’t pretty. SGA? Another Donovan Mitchell I don’t get the hype. You saw last season even though we was misled with an injury or whatever it was. Tanking team and they was resting him. DNP-Rest for a 24 year old. Someone asked about Julius Randle? I have him 46. Mind you this is Roto stuff. You H2H guys need to develop your own rankings. Some of you guys value or devalue certain players (Simmons, Westbrook, Porzingis, LBJ) Due to Rest and games missed and also playoff weeks.
  16. IT career is about over as Jamal Crawford’s and Jimmer Fredette.
  17. Couple things to note: Your list is solid for a few factors: 1. Where is Trae Young? 2. Joel Embiid imo is too high noting that he played with that injury in the playoffs (patella or meniscus) injury so I expect him to be load managed with Drummond. 3. Originally had Doncic at 24 but was reminded in punt teams his numbers shoot straight up to top 10. I don’t see any league letting him drop to 24. 4. No faith in Vucevic in Chicago even though he was still decent post trade? 5. Also, I don’t have Capela that high either. besides that we agree or are close on most things. Missed cuts on my list is: Lebron, Westbrook, Lavine Tobias. Porzingis no way barley touches top 25 and neither does Jaylen either IMO .
  18. I’m looking at Jalen Green. He should eat all those minutes in Houston.
  19. Correct. Lebron in 45 games of a 72 game season finished 34th at 25/7/7. So we add the extra 10 games, take into account rest days, take into account he will really have less PG duties with Westbrook/Nunn and with the reserves they have, I don’t see him playing 33 minutes a game. It’s a fair assessment that he should finish around the same area between 23-40.
  20. Agreed, if you still drafting Lebron 1st round or at the turn, I believe you are playing yourself. What upside is left with Lebron at 37 years old?
  21. Agree, that’s based off me right now building a well rounded team. Now if I play with punting strategies and the sort sure you get your Doncic’s and Westbrook’s and Simmons rates higher. But overall, for where he was going last season, he was pretty meh.
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