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  1. Any chance he plays all 5 games this week?
  2. Dude is gonna ball out lol. Once I get 10 pts, 5 rebs, 2 threes and a block I’m good
  3. I know they said weeks, any chance of a return next week?
  4. Has there been any recent news? Any workouts or medical updates etc?
  5. Any updates on this guy? Holding but my playoffs start next week. Can probably get through round 1 without him, but not any further
  6. Any way of knowing which day of this back to back he will sit out? I’m guessing the lakers game since they can win without him there. Anyone heard anything?
  7. Any chance he plays in the rescheduled game today?
  8. I’m considering trading my Porzingis for him. I know it’s a huge risk but porzingis is going to sit a lot also
  9. What type of player are you guys accepting for him? any top 50?
  10. Officially inked the 10 day contract. I know it’s unlikely but why can’t he get 20 mins now with Ibaka out? That could be decent value
  11. I think Len needs to be owned now as weird as it sounds
  12. Worth an add in a 12 teamer to see where he ends up? I’m thinking he may be a top 80 guy in Miami or LA (till Bron/Ad return)
  13. Hey guys. I’m desperately fighting for a playoff spot so I had to drop as soon as he got injured. I really want to pick him up (will have to use #1 waiver). Do you think it’s worth it in my case? If Dipo/Wall don’t get limited/traded then he will be pretty useless to me but do you think it’s a very high chance he keeps contributing ROS?
  14. Do we pick him up? I took Sato as a flier with his starter news. I’m itching to pick this guy up lol
  15. This is crazy. Do we pick him up in standard leagues? Only droppable guy I have is WCJ and maybe Delon lol
  16. Can you guys DM each other? Kind of annoying to get 500 notifications that are not fantasy related when we are actually looking to get player info
  17. Do I drop JJJ or WCJ for KPJ? JJJ is getting frustrating to stay but I will make the playoffs for sure. Do I make either switch?
  18. Jones wasn’t getting minutes so not sure how this affects Porter
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