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  1. I'm a big Valanciunas fan, but I think that he is going to be frustrating to own with them not making the playoffs and wanting to develop Clarke more and more. I was offered John Collins for my JJJ and Valanciunas. What do you think?I see Collins as a top 20 guy this year. I have Booker and Trae so could use the extreme FG% boost What do you guys think?
  2. Haha. It’s a 12 teamer. I’m not going to rely on any of these guys much, just looking to round out my bench. Pretty set in all areas.
  3. Is that a joke lol. Definitely take CP3. That guy is crazy
  4. Do I pick Washington up? My worst two players are IT3 and Bamba and I’m not attached to either. Hesitant to drop bamba until we get a Vuc timeline, and for some reason I have some faith IT will get better. I love Washington’s upside but worried about his recent slump and the return of Williams and Batum to the rotation. What do I do?
  5. Still on the fence about dropping this guy to stream. Really worried about Batum and Williams getting minutes now
  6. Looked good to me. Wish he got more mins though
  7. What kind of statline are you guys expecting? Im thinking 11-9 with a steal and a block
  8. What are we expecting here? What kind of statline
  9. I’m praying for 25 mins. Doubt it’ll happen
  10. Gordon injured now too. Surely Bamba will get mins now lol.
  11. If he’s he’s out for a while Bamba would be a great pickup
  12. Hard to tell from that. Thanks for the vid though
  13. I think I’m picking him up in a 10 teamer. No way he can be worse than dwight Powell and I think he’ll get a lot of run. Top 100 upside
  14. What you guys expecting? Seems like he’s back this week or sometime soon
  15. Has anyone heard anything about how he is progressing? Wondering if to drop or hold
  16. Jordan always says if he’s paying guys they gotta play. Batum will never stand out but if he gets 30 mins he’s definitely rosterable in a 12 teamer
  17. Back soon. Anyone think he’s worth picking up? Don’t think he’ll be great but with 25 mins he could be serviceable.
  18. What’s going on with this guy. Any chance he gets it going soon?
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