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  1. Was offered Zion for my CP3. There’s risk on both sides but I’m worried that pels will be out of the playoff race by time he returns and severely limit him. What do you guys think? Worth it?
  2. Losing more faith in a curry return by the day. Trying my best to hold and definitely not getting anything of note in a trade. Don’t want to miss any of the latest young guns to break out. Troy Brown or Bruce brown worth dropping curry for? No IL league head to head My way of thinking is that even if Curry comes back (Im pretty sure i can make the playoffs stashing him in an open roster spot) he will be extremely limited and rest constantly. That's if they even bring him back.
  3. Permanently starting now. Will still be limited and split mins with DJA but I expect him to get more than 30 mins soon as they see if they have a pg of the future. I’m optimistically thinking of a line of 13-3-7 with a three and over a steal. Thoughts?
  4. I just lost Curry for 3 months in a head to head no IL league. Im pretty sure I Can squeak into the playoffs holding him: However, Taurean Prince is on the wire. Should I drop Curry? Other “droppable”guys are Lamb, Warren and D.Powell, but is Curry my drop or stay put?
  5. I’d drop Tucker for sure. Porter is better than all those guys, but Tucker has the lowest upside.
  6. I rolled the dice and dropped Prince for Lamb. Hard to drop Prince as I’ve always had a soft spot for him but I hope it’s the right decision
  7. Nah I was saying I have Steph on my fantasy team. And was looking at Lamb to somewhat replace his points and threes. I was leaning Powell at first but given Steph is out for me maybe lamb is the solution. Another guy I could drop is Taurean Prince. So so essentially I need to pick the odd man out to drop among Prince, Powell and Lamb
  8. I still believe this guy has top 75 upside this season
  9. Who is the better add? Is it close? prince hasn’t looked great. Lamb did tonight but does he have an expiration date when Oladipo comes back?
  10. I probably wouldn’t drop Wright. I do think Powell is the better fantasy player ros but im in a bind with curry going down and was looking to replace some points and threes
  11. Who do you guys think is more valuable overall? Powell was awesome last season but Kleber is playing great and KP is back now, so won’t have quite the same role. Lamb will be good until Dipo is back and then his role will be reduced. i was slightly leaning Powell but I just lost Steph tonight so maybe Lamb is the better fit? Neither guy is going to make or break my season but just checking who is more valuable. whir!!
  12. That sucks man. So what would you spend to get him if you could?
  13. I’m predicting a top 60 season for this dude
  14. Believe it or not, Miles Bridges was actually dropped in my league. I’m short on SF’s with only TJ Warren and Bazemore as two weakish options so he would be a huge addition. Good players are not typically dropped in this league so we end up hardly spending any FAAB. What percentage of my FAAB should I spend on him? Thinking on spending $50-60 out of $100. What do you think? Too much?
  15. Since it’s 8 cat I think I would do that deal. Difficult to give up Steph though
  16. Hey guys. I currently have Bazemore and Dedmon was dropped. Considering making the switch. I don’t need help in a particular category, but just looking for overall value. Who do you prefer and why? I’m a little concerned with their playing time.
  17. Harrison Barnes Dwigjt Powell Dario Saric who do you think is the best fantasy play this year. And by how much?
  18. I think he’ll be good this season. Mid round upside
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