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  1. any thoughts? Should I stay put since Gasol likely to be traded? Need guard stats badly though and hard to trade Gasol given the uncertainty
  2. What do you guys think about this trade now with the Charlotte rumours? Need a guard badly so even if he heads there is Fox selling a bit low?
  3. What are you guys expecting out of Rabb if Gasol leaves and a center doesn’t come back? Not sure I’m sold
  4. Bridges if you want to be safe, if swinging for the fences and rolling with upside, take Isaac. If you are doing well in the standings I would go with Isaac
  5. Portis. Harris should be back soon. If we get bad Harris news, Beasley>Portis
  6. Doncic side for sure. You definitely ripped him off
  7. Its a lot of depth, but I would definitely take the AD side. See if you can get someone decent.
  8. Hold if you possibly can. If you're losing this week then you have no choice I guess. Sucks to drop him though
  9. Id personally take Harris. Risky but he is the clear best player with the best playoff schedule
  10. I would take AD actually. Seems eager to play and if he goes to the Lakers he will be his usual self. Its a risk, but gotta take risks to win it all
  11. I agree. Keep Lillard side. If you could guarantee that Booker wont get injured or shut down then id take the other side
  12. If Rozier isnt traded I guess id rather have Hayward than him, but there must be better guys on the wire. I vote neither lol Rozier has some value when Kyrie sits with his various injuries though
  13. Bumping! Slightly worried about Gasol’s ros value with shutdown risk or trade hurting him slightly. Kings have a good schedule and Fox has been pretty good.
  14. Was offered Fox for my Gasol. Should I take it? whir!
  15. Urgently need a guard. Barely outside playoffs and have some good bigs, so are any of these good deals? Looking for threes and steals in particular. Not necessarily assists. My John Collins for Middleton My Marc Gasol for C.J. McCollum My Marc for Devin Booker im a little worried that Gasol gets shut down, but maybe the same can be said about Booker? I have Jokic and Capela so can handle a small bit in fg. what do you think? Are all these good deals or should I avoid one or more of them? Which is the best one for me
  16. So do i take the deal with Mirotic? It’s literally that or Anderson
  17. Holding 2 injured guys will screw me though, as I’m already holding love and Capela. So not sure about Mirotic
  18. It’s either Anderson or Mirotic. But concerned that his injury will linger long term
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