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  1. Offered AD and Kyle Anderson for my Marc Gasol and Kawhi. Worried about Marc ROS and Kawhi missing games is really hurting me in H2h whir!!
  2. Was offered AD and Mirotic for my Kawhi and Marc Gasol. Do I accept? A little weary that Mirotics injury will linger. Whir!!
  3. I agree. If Kawhi was playing every game, then I would definitely not do it given by situation but since he is missing a lot of games may as roll the dice with AD and hope for a good diagnosis? The AD owner is smart, said the offer is only open today, before news breaks lol
  4. Was offered AD for my Kawhi straight up. Obviously a no brained usually, but with AD’s injury I don’t know what to think. It’s seeming like it may be a long term thing? Im in 7th place and fighting for playoffs (I should make it comfortably) so normally I wouldn’t trade for an injured player, but Kawhi’s random rest days have been killing me. Is this worth the risk? if AD comes back in 2 weeks or less then having him could push me over the playoff edge. Whir!
  5. Anyone dropped him recently? Been holding him all season but sliding in the standings.
  6. Dude is looking good tonight. Not the best fantasy player but seems like he will get 35 mins until AD is back. Worth a short term standard add?
  7. ANy chance of this dude having standard value for a couple weeks till the deadline? He will start and they may be showcasing him
  8. Reading that he’s considering surgery. Any chance this is longer than a 6 week absence?
  9. Thanks for that comprehensive answer man. It’s a no IL league. But I should be able to make the playoffs stashing him.
  10. Trying to buy low on Capela with his injury. I’m not doing the greatest in the standings but will squeak into the playoffs which is all I need. The Capela owner rejected my Thomas Bryant, and wants Jarrett Allen. Should I pull the trigger given I’ll make playoffs regardless? My Allen for his Capela.
  11. Does this potential Lamb injury perhaps get this guy more involved?
  12. I’m wondering the same. Thinking about stashing in my no IR league
  13. What are you guys thinking in terms of a return? Heard he’s doing all the on court work etc. any chance him being back in 2-3 weeks?
  14. I can’t bring myself to drop. I just can’t. Stubbornly hoping for a turnaround
  15. You guys are really screwing up the forums for the rest of us. If you have a problem with someone’s attitude you can discuss it privately, not here. Between this and the pages of personal crap on th LeVert page I’m about ready to leave the site
  16. Would be sweet if he can get back in early January. If he’s shooting and riding a bike already can only be a good sign
  17. Lakers are in win now mode and lebron is a fan. I think he’ll start and be fantasy relevant for sure. Expecting around 11/4/7 with a steal and a three ROS easily
  18. Anyone taking a flier with wall being iffy the next few games? Worth a stream in standard leagues? I picked him up hoping for a solid 2 games but not sure what kind of production to expect
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