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  1. I’m stubbornly holding this guy. Have a lot of faith in a mini breakout at some point this season
  2. Not sure what to do here. You guys running to pick up?
  3. What are you guys thinking his production looks like when everyone is back? Still worth holding in standards?
  4. We running out to grab this guy? How did isaac’s injury look. Must own?
  5. I’m assuming this will earn him more minutes. I think him and Adams can be decent together. I’d hate to not pick him up also and then Adams is out for a while and I miss the boat
  6. Any news on the severity? Wondering if to rush and grab Noel
  7. This dude is looking decent tonight. Wish there was some way he could be consistent. I need blocks but can’t decide between him and crowder since he’s so streaky
  8. Looked great to me. I’m expecting vintage Danny green in Toronto. Faster pace should help him be more consistent than in SA also. What you guys think?
  9. An impatient owner dropped Wall and I will win my first playoff week stashing him. Do I drop Allen, Noel or Isaac for him? Whir!!!
  10. Need to drop one to pick up Dejounte Murray as I need assists and guard help. Which one should I keep? Relatively similar players, need them for their defence. Who do you think will produce more defensive stats in the next 3 weeks of playoffs? Is dropping one of them for Murray a good move? Whir!!!
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