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  1. What do you guys think of this trade? My Porzingis/Wood for Jokic/JJJ? whir!!
  2. You guys really expecting 30 mins? I want to believe it but so much would have to happen before that was possible
  3. Thanks for that report! Obviously I knew that lol
  4. What kind of line are you guys expecting? Only droppable guys on my roster are Maledon and Rubio so not sure about grabbing him
  5. Any recent news about this guy? Weeks ago he said he was hopeful to be back before the all-star break. Any chance of top 80 ROS?
  6. Any news lately about this guy? Any indication that the timetable will be shorter than expected?
  7. What kind of role/line do you guys think he will have? Won’t it be crowded once Warren gets back?
  8. I’m seeing Hoop Ball is saying to stash this guy as he will be back soonish and will have a huge role. Any of you guys expecting that? What about LeVert?
  9. Just picked him up. What kind of line you guys expecting ROS?
  10. Any news on Adams’ injury? Is Willy a pickup for a couple weeks?
  11. I’m dropping him to stash A Gordon’s a**. No IR. Lol
  12. He’s on my wire. What kind of value do you guys see him having ROS?
  13. Great news. However I think he will be limited all season. Why push him? What type of role/line are you guys predicting? Standard league relevant?
  14. I’d drop cousins for Dipo for sure. Possibly Jordan for Aldridge. Have serious doubts about their durability and ROS outlook but their upside is too high to pass up. Cousins and Jordan don’t have much if any upside at all
  15. I would yes. Spending a large chunk of my FAAB on him tomorrow
  16. Looked like it could be his knee from the video? Hard to tell. Hopefully he’s not out too long but I scooped Willy just in case
  17. I like that deal if you need those categories but I do think that Fox can net you something a bit more valuable. See what you can get and if not this is a nice backup plan
  18. Tough call but I lean Allen. He will beast out in Cleveland now. Ayton won’t get much usage ever with CP3 and Booker
  19. Tough decision but I like it. Could pay off big time. if you don’t trust AD ROS, wait till he gets back and has a good streak and flip him for a top 10 player
  20. I like Brolo better. I get your point but I’d probably wait for a hot streak and try to trade brolo. Much better name value.
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