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  1. I like your side better to be honest. Would stay put
  2. Hey guys, I’m comfortably in first place in my Yahoo H2H league and looking towards the playoffs now. No money involved for regular season winner (just overall) so no big deal if I don’t win it. was offered Mitch Rob for my Lamb/Thad Young. do I accept? I’m very tempted. Will pick up Maledon or Cole Anthony from the WW
  3. You guys holding without an IR? Debating stashing him, Warren or Hunter
  4. Back in April lol. If he’s not close to on court drills he’s going to need at least 3 weeks to get his conditioning once those resume
  5. I don’t see how it’s possible he gets back on court anytime soon
  6. Anyone stashing? Considering picking him up to use as trade bait later
  7. Seeing conflicting reports on this guy. Roto world has that he’s still far away, but hoop ball is saying that he’s nearing a return. Is anyone stashing with no IR?
  8. Yeah I can totally get what you are saying, but I do expect Horford to be trending down towards the end of the season and Nurk ramping up. While I agree he wasn’t playing well, he has huge late season upside, something that Horford doesn’t in my opinion
  9. Agreed but don’t you think he will eventually get a reduced role sooner rather than later? Nurk/JJj should be rolling by the time playoffs start
  10. Would you guys trade Al to get Nurk or JJJ?
  11. I’ve been trying to target top 50 guys that are currently injured that will have serious value towards the end of the season and playoff time. Like Nurk, JJJ, McCollom etc but not getting much success
  12. You guys trying to trade him? What kind of players are you targeting for him? I think it’s a pretty clear sell high on him even if they stay competitive.
  13. Hey guys, I’m in place by a decent margin in my 14 team yahoo H2H league. I was offered the following trades. I’m big fans of the two players that I will be getting, but please let me know what you think; My Horford and Bazley for Nurkic My Horford and Bazley for JJJ do I pull the trigger? Can definitely afford to stash(no IL). My way of thinking is that even though Horford is playing great right now he doesn’t have the upside of those other two. Plus, Horford will likely be limited towards the end of the season. whir!
  14. Hunter out for 7-10 weeks. Bogdan a must stash now? I think top 80 is possible until Hunter returns
  15. Hunter out 7-10 weeks. If this guy comes back soon that should help him a lot correct? Top 75 possible?
  16. You guys stashing? What’s his ROS outlook? Top 80 possible?
  17. Any news on this guy recently? Could be a very solid stash since Hunter is now out seemingly long term? He got a huge contract, I can’t imagine he won’t see big minutes
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