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  1. He’s on my wire and my only drop is Norman Powell or Poeltl. I know he has more upside but not sure if the opportunity is there for him this year in Atlanta
  2. I actually think he’s going to get a lot of burn, close to 30 mins until he inevitably gets hurt. Thibs is a clown but I think there’s standard league value to be hard here. They need scoring
  3. You guys picking him up in 12 teamers now? Don’t really have anyone that I can drop so hard for me to decide. My worst players are Quickley, Wright and Maledon
  4. Any idea how bad Aldridge’s injury is? This guy needs to be picked up in all leagues if he’s out for a while
  5. What you guys thinking of him now. Must add in 12 teamers? Over guys like Maledon, Lamb, Burks etc?
  6. Any news at all on his return? Saw something vague about him “doing a little” but nothing concrete
  7. You guys expecting 12 team ROS value from now? He’s one of the top pickups now so he likely won’t be there later on
  8. Still not convinced about his potential. Even if Hill is dealt, SGA will dominate the ball handling which reduces Maledon to more of a shooter type
  9. Jeez. No reason to scoop then. Got my hopes up lol
  10. Anyone watching the game? Why is he getting so many mins and usage?
  11. Similarly to how you answered mine, I think you are selling Simmons a bit short. In a points league it’s a little closer but I still like Simmons here. Thanks for mine
  12. I’m a huge fan but I think I would drop Herro. Don’t see a huge fantasy producing role for him as long as they stay relatively healthy. Big baller in real life, game just isn’t fantasy friendly at this stage
  13. Even though Ellington has been great I do think his role will slowly shrink. Plus, he can’t sustain this shooting all season. Wright and Burks should have solid roles all season.
  14. I like Towns and Trae here. Towns will push for the number 1 spot once he’s back and Trae will be much better.
  15. I would in a heartbeat. If you did it already you made the right decision. Once healthy I really think white will be a Top 50 player by the end of the season
  16. Would like to trade my Ben Simmons due to m abandoning my punt ft% strategy. I’d like to compete in all cats so looking to get a decent haul for him. How does this sound I was offered; Dejounte Murray and Mikal Bridges for Ben Simmons and Delon Wright I’ve tried to aim higher and no luck. Is this a must accept? I was planning on dropping Delon in the near future anyhow as his inconsistency frustrates me. Whir!
  17. Just following up guys. The guy really wants simmons, so he offered me Mikal Bridges and Dejounte for Simmons and Delon Wright. This way I get my guys and get to hold onto Mitch Rob. Is this a must accept?
  18. You guys stashing in 12 teamers or smaller? What are expectations if he starts? Top 100?
  19. If he includes Jarrett Allen instead of Keldon Johnson is that better? Potential lottery ticket if Drummond is traded or bought out?
  20. Agreed with the above. However I think it’s pretty close between WCJ and Warren as WCJ will be back sooner it seems.
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