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  1. I’d go KAT. Harden is the safe pick but KAT has more upside this year with Harden in BKN. Can’t go wrong with either though.
  2. I think it’s very close but I lean Lamb more with his current opportunity
  3. Need some urgent help please guys. Whir for sure
  4. Was offered Mikal, Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson for my Ben Simmons and Mitch Robinson in my Yahoo H2H league. I was originally punting ft% but abandoned that strategy, so looking to clear those punt guys from my roster. Is this a good haul? Must accept? not sure I can do better than this and in my née build (no punting), simmons and Robinson lose value
  5. I’m thinking of spending the same 40%. Any thoughts?
  6. He was dropped in my league. What percentage of FAAB would you guys spend to get him? 14 team yahoo H2H. For context, Fournier was just picked up for 40%
  7. Anyone still holding in the hope he somehow gets bought out or gets traded? I know it’s unlikely but this is a potential top 20-30 guy if he gets the minutes and I don’t see any reason for SAC to keep him
  8. Hey guys, I have space for 3 of the following. Don’t have a particular need, just overall ROS value. Are there 3 players out of this group that jump out as must own? It’s a yahoo H2H league. Coby White, Gallo, Fournier, Lamb, Kevin Love (stash for trade bait), Mason Plumlee. please rank in order of priority (just value)
  9. What percentage of your FAAB would you spend on Fournier if he was dropped? 30%? Desperately need his scoring
  10. Of course they were better picks. I avoided drafting him. But now he’s a FA and I have the opportunity to pick him up for free, making him essentially a last round pick lol. If he plays even 25 mins that’s a huge steal
  11. Questionable tomorrow! Normally I wouldn’t be high on him but he’s walking into a huge opportunity with LeVert out and Dipo gone. Might be a slow ramp up but he’s always put up good fantasy numbers when given the minutes
  12. MCW nearing a return. Since Cole Anthony has been so bad, maybe he’s a pickup? He’s been fantasy relevant before
  13. What is the source? I haven’t seen anything along those lines anywhere
  14. What would you guys accept for Kyrie? Ben Simmons or Hayward? Those were the best offers I’ve gotten, I’m trying to shop him
  15. You aren’t gonna find 18-5-3 with Burks either lol
  16. Any potential value pickups from a Harden trade? Obviously LeVert etc will be owned already
  17. Might be giving up a bit much but turner may regress slightly, and booker really doesn’t seem like he’s going to be anything more than top 40 at best this season. With Kawhi playing back to backs now he should be a lock for top 5. another reason I’m considering it is that I’m pretty set with blocks as I have porzingis, wood and brook Lopez
  18. Hey guys. I was offered Kawhi and Kuzma (will probably drop) for my Devin Booker and Myles Turner. It’s yahoo 9 cat H2H. Do I pull the trigger? Or am I giving up too much. Kawhi seems to be able to play back to backs now
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