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  1. Any news about the injury recently? Any sign he will return soon? All I’ve seen is that he isn’t travelling with the team
  2. This guy was dropped in my 12 teamer no IL. You guys holding?
  3. 16 first half minutes and the team is winning comfortably. Worth a standard league pickup now? Seems he is the center to own in Was now
  4. I’d run and grab Lopez. Pretty boring but he seems to be getting minutes. Wiz not tanking and will want him to play
  5. Walton said he’s considering changes to the center rotation, any sense stashing this guy?
  6. Great pickup for next week if Embiid ends up sitting?
  7. Will this guy ever turn it around? Even if Rose is out for a while he may still struggle. Don’t get it
  8. I’m stashing in my 12 man no IR league. May not be the greatest idea but when he comes back he’ll get minutes for sure and will produce. If anything will be good trade bait when he returns.
  9. What you guys thinking about this guy? Seems to be back. Just gave him a large contract so I’m sure he’ll get a lot of burn
  10. You guys stashing in a shallow league? Or think he’s going to be a headache all year? They are competitive so far, that’s good for his chances at production
  11. Surely this guy will get almost 30 mins now with Ja out? Seems like huge opportunity
  12. I’m not sure 30% of FAAB is going to be enough to get him to be honest
  13. Wondering the same. I don’t want to spend so much so early in the season but would hate to lose him from a few dollars. Top players don’t usually appear on waivers. I’m considering spending $30 out of $100
  14. Is this guy a must add in shallow leagues? Ed Davis is there
  15. What you guys thinking about him this year? Was just hyped in the Hoop Ball 6 but I’m not so sure I’m buying jt
  16. Starting tonight. You guys running to grab? I’m tempted with this news plus with Lauri not signing the extension they may give him more burn
  17. Any other opinions? Drafting in 10 mins and can’t decide lol
  18. 12 teams. I think I’ll be able to get Nurk in the beginning of the third
  19. Hey guys, I need some draft advice. I have the #1 pick in a hugely competitive paid yahoo H2H league. Normally this would be a good thing but I’m stuck. All sorts of uncertainty around Harden (trade/random sitting) and AD (rest/limited mins). Which option do you think is best? A - Take Harden, pair him with Kyrie (will be available with my second pick #23) and then take Gobert/Nurkic as my first Center. B - Take Giannis at #1 with a clear punt Ft strategy. My next two picks can definitely be Ben Simmons and Drummond/Gobert who will be available there in rounds 2 and 3
  20. Hi guys, In a head to head league is there any feasible way to continue the fantasy season? I know the best option is to cancel but my league is itching to play. Has anyone come up with any ways to make it work? i was thinking of redrafting the league to only include those teams that will continue the season but how can that work with only 8 regular season games left? Would love to hear some of your ideas. 8 teams must make the playoffs for this to work in my scenario
  21. Who do you guys think is the better pickup for playoffs?
  22. You guys still stashing? I’m contemplating a drop.
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