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  1. You guys still hopeful he will be useful during playoffs? He was dropped in my league so wondering if to stash
  2. Nah man he was dropped in my league and I’m gonna scoop him up lol. Was just wondering if I was missing something
  3. I still think you have to take a flier and pick him up. Even if it’s a 1% chance he plays there’s not much risk dropping your worst player for him. I’m dropping Ariza so no huge loss.
  4. He was just dropped in my league. I think I’m going to burn my #1 waiver on him just in case he plays again. More likely he doesn’t play than he does but could be a huge boost if by some miracle he does
  5. Brown is still on my wire so I’m wondering if to make the swap. I can afford to hold Kennard for another 2 weeks probably but tempted to switch them.
  6. Yes it’s true that Otto wasn’t playing well before he injury but maybe that was because it was bothering him and he was playing through it. its a risky move but guys with top 50 upside don’t grow on trees, definitely not on the waiver wire. I think it’s worth the stash if you can afford it for sure.
  7. I’m stashing both with no IR. But if I had to pick one it would be Lauri. I know it’s very risky to stash Otto but if you have a good position in the table it will be worth it. Top 50 upside guys are never available for free so why not roll the dice?
  8. I’m stashing. Fck it. Can’t hurt to see what happens.
  9. Kennard even with rose and Reggie being such high usage?
  10. Hey guys, need some roster advice please. I’m comfortably in the top 2 in my league with no chance of missing the playoffs. I’ve been stashing Curry so hopefully should get an even bigger boost. I’m thinking I can afford to stash even more injured guys as I don’t care what playoff position I get. I have bowman at the end of my roster that I can drop, as well as Thad Young who has been ok but I’m fine dropping him. Ariza is on my roster as well and I’m not tied to him. Should I drop Bowman and Young to stash OPJ, Kennard or Markkanen? Best FA’s on the wire are Damion Lee, Rui, Juancho, KPJ, PJ Washington and ish. What would you guys do? I’m thinking Drop Bowman – Markkanen Drop Young – OPJ Drop Ariza – Lee or Ish And moves I should make for sure? Or really avoid?
  11. That was without Reggie Jackson though. That’s my issue
  12. What are you guys expecting out of him? Currently stashing OPJ with no IR but considering switching him for Kennard
  13. You guys holding Markkanen or OPJ? I’m comfortably in the lead but no IR. Don’t mind taking a flier so I think I will grab both. Only dropping Bowman and Thad Young so no huge loss.
  14. Of course. Why wouldn’t he? Need to see how he meshes with Wiggins, keep the fans happy, no chance of ruining their draft chances as they will still come bottom 3 even with him.
  15. I’m stashing curry but think I can still afford it. No IR. I’d be dropping Bowman so no huge loss really
  16. I think he’s gonna be really good for a month
  17. I wanna stash him so bad lol but I know it’s probably a terrible idea
  18. If the wolves make no more moves, I think he’s a lock for top75
  19. Hey guys, wondering if you could help. Looking for an end of bench guy with some upside, who do you prefer. Wright (with Luka possibly out), Garland, Culver (both with potential ROS upside), Napier. Are any must add? Currently holding Brunson and Wright but willing to swap out one or both of those.
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