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  1. What % of FAAB you guys dropping on him? $20/$100 too much?
  2. Just read that he went through a shooting drill using his left hand after today’s practice. More good news I guess
  3. Has there been any sort of news or anything Steph related since that video of him shooting? Been searching all over for a small indication to pick him up
  4. Well, suppose he’s re-evaluated and gets the green light immediately?
  5. Just grabbed him in a very competitive 10 team no IR league. I should barely squeak into the playoffs, hoping this can set me over the top.
  6. Unfortunately, no better options on the WW
  7. Forgot to add Taurean Prince to that list. prince powell kleber wright wood
  8. With the possible Porzingis injury, and possible Griffin shutdown in Detroit, how would you rank these players in a H2H league? I know Wright is very valuable in roto. Delon Wright Christian Wood Dwight Powell Maxi Kleber I have space for two of those guys. Thanks! WHIR
  9. I’m debating stashing him from now in a competitive no IR league. Even if he plays with heavy restrictions and only 20 mins a night, those stats he will put up should still be better than a low end center streamer like Dwight Powell, Theis, zeller etc
  10. Man I know there’s only a 0.1% chance he comes back but the way he’s dunking makes me want to pick him up
  11. Morris out and Griffin doubtful. Is he finally going to get unleashed?
  12. When do you guys expect a return? They said re-evaluation 3 months after the injury which would be late January. Isn’t it possible that he’s cleared immediately after the re-evaluation? I mean, if someone on Steph’s level, or even someone in a lower bracket like Bledsoe or Fox were injured for 4-8 weeks, everyone would hold wouldn’t they?
  13. I know the argument can be made that they will keep him out all year in a lost season. But even if he plays, they still very likely will have the worst record in the league. I’m sure they want to roll him out there to please the fans who “have endured a lot” this season. Are you guys holding? Or if he was dropped is now the time to pick him up? He potentially could be back in a month,(after re-evaluation) and even in reduced minutes wouldn’t he be way more effective than streaming wire guys or end of bench guys? I’m considering picking him up now in a very competitive league.
  14. What are you guys expecting from Serge now that Siakam and Gasol are out? Top 30/40 for the next month and top 80 ish ROS? Wondering if to blow my remaining FAAB on him (he was dropped just before Gasol went down). I have $60 left.
  15. He’s going to be a beast. I can see him knocking on the top 15
  16. 100% accept man. Sucks to lose Giannis but you are getting back two absolute studs in return. Take it and run far away
  17. Thanks for the reply. My fear is that for JJJ to get fully unleashed, it will happen with Clarke at JV's expense. So JV may not be worth much in playoff time. Collins won't have that problem. I got the guy to include LeVert too, so the deal is now Collins/LeVert for JJJ/Valanciunas Does that change your thinking at all?
  18. It's not necessarily the minutes, it's the usage too with Ja back
  19. Think this guy will be frustrating now that Clark's back? Its looking like they will jerk his minutes around
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