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  1. Add him to my walking dead list. Currently 6 guys OUT. F me.
  2. This. Bertans hasn't been roster worthy in anything smaller than 14 team leagues this year. I rode the hell out of him last season and he was awesome but the Wiz are crowded in the frontcourt. I dropped Carter to put Wood and JJJ on my IR slots and wish I could have him back but with Shai and Dlo out too my team is hurting.
  3. IF I SEE THAT SOMEONE IS OUT FROM A "THIGH CONTUSSION" ONE MORE TIME I'M GOING TO LOSE MY ****. The amount of dead legs I would give my teammates and watch them go score 30 that night is uncountable. NBA players are such nancies.
  4. At least it's a real injury unlike the "thigh contusion" or "bruised calf" BS the NBA is trying to justify these days as a reason for players to sit.
  5. I've said goodbye to the lord as well and turned my vision to greener pastures in the form of streaming until JJJ is back. He shall lay on my watchlist until his resurrection is complete and I can only hope I am blessed to once again roster him.
  6. Had him dropped in place of a streaming spot last night. Couldn't hit the final button. The lord stopped my fingers from working and has punished me with a hangover for my sins.
  7. This. You can easily find his production+ on the wire. Yeah, 4 3's a game is nice but have you ever had 3 per game with other things?! (Clarkson, Ross, Gordon, etc...) It's pretty nice. I dropped for Keldon weeks ago and he's still sitting on the wire in all of my leagues. He's more of a late week streamer if you need 3's. On the flip side I'll still keep an eye on him to see if he gets more run now that Bryant is done.
  8. Garland and it's easy. Garland -34.8 pts per game Herro - 27.8 pts per game
  9. Love me some Bertans but had to drop for Keldon with the news that Rui is back soon. That'll eat into his minutes some.
  10. I have this same trio after trading for Harden and hoping it takes me to the promised land. I even had House for a bit but he's fizzled.
  11. My team had 56 blocks last week 😳. He’s killing it!!
  12. More blocks than Whiteside and Robinson in the last two weeks. All hail the lord.
  13. Bye bye. Not worth owning I’m a ten team. At least I got harden with him in the trade.
  14. I feel ya. My team of Curry, Bagley, Isaac, Conley, MitchRob didn't get me going to well. I'm somehow still in 2nd place...
  15. If he doesn’t put up 10/8 with 4 blocks tomorrow he’s gone. Not worth a headache or roster spot.
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