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  1. 1 hour ago, IDatDude said:

    I usually don’t comment because every team build/structure is diff so each player is different in value for each team, but generally...I think there is a WORLD of difference in overall value between these two. Bertan is borderline WW material, just 3s specialist you can find all easily weekly on the ww, White although underperforming currently is one of the rarest commodity in fantasy...a shot blocking, efficient guard. 

    Don’t do anything rash cause of one dud from White. I expect him to pick it up in the next wk or so.

    This. Bertans hasn't been roster worthy in anything smaller than 14 team leagues this year. I rode the hell out of him last season and he was awesome but the Wiz are crowded in the frontcourt. 

    I dropped Carter to put Wood and JJJ on my IR slots and wish I could have him back but with Shai and Dlo out too my team is hurting. 

  2. 1 hour ago, HooDat said:

    BC he provides next to nothing in boards, assists, steals, blocks all while he's sinking your fg% this year at just 37%. This has him ranked a dismal 162 in 9Cat on the year. He can improve on that surely, but at the end of the day he's a 1 category specialist with that category (3s) being the easiest one to find on the waiver wire.

    His minutes and his role are down with the additions of Avdija and Westbrook, so let's chill on acting like this guy is some undroppable stud


    This. You can easily find his production+ on the wire. Yeah, 4 3's a game is nice but have you ever had 3 per game with other things?! (Clarkson, Ross, Gordon, etc...) It's pretty nice. I dropped for Keldon weeks ago and he's still sitting on the wire in all of my leagues. He's more of a late week streamer if you need 3's.

    On the flip side I'll still keep an eye on him to see if he gets more run now that Bryant is done.

  3. 4 hours ago, blazeh said:

    Drafted Harden Westbrook and Cov. This is the only time I've owned 3 starters on 1 team, and they all look like they're gonna finish the season as top 20 value. Not only do they not get in the way of each others production, but they're actually better together 

    Meanwhile Tucker and Gordon also have value as streamers/deep league guys

    This rockets small ball is a dream set up for fantasy production.

    I have this same trio after trading for Harden and hoping it takes me to the promised land. I even had House for a bit but he's fizzled. 

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