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  1. I would do that all day long if you have a good couple of peeps on the WW.
  2. It's 10 team so that was my justification in getting the #1 player. Trade hasn't gone through yet but I have options like Shabaz, Noel, PJ, Seko, Wood, Teague, Troy Brown, Thad, Maxi etc.
  3. Just accepted this trade to get Harden/Horford. I'm already terrible in TO and FG%. Thoughts?
  4. My IR is free if he goes down again. I was liking the 15/15 type games too!
  5. Save your season vs win you the season are to very different things.Teams battling for a playoff spot need stats vs teams virtually locked in at this point can stash him. The team in my league has him in the IR slot but also has been holding Dipo, Deandre Jordan, PG13, Adams and Lauri and is battling it out with 5 teams (all within 3 games of each other) for the last playoff spot right now. The top 5 teams are 9 games up on the pack.
  6. If you're sitting at the top of your league then you are not "expecting Curry to save your season."
  7. Friiick, he's locked into my IR. Oh well, come on back Wednesday Jrue
  8. 30, lol seriously. I got him at 64 and am happy with that ROI.
  9. I have Bagley on my IR and Conley is a FA after i dropped him (10t). I am going to keep Bags and if Conley is free once my team is healthy I'll look to add him to my IR but could go the Curry route too.
  10. Yes, gives them as much time as they want to get him up and going 100%
  11. Bagley is occupying me IR right now. Bye Isaac, hope you find your dad.
  12. Curry, Bagley, Conley, Bertens... now Isaac. F me to tears.
  13. I traded BroLo for him earlier this year so not missing out on much either way. Back to the IR for you!
  14. So more on the 6 week end of his timetable. I actually just picked him up this week and activated Bagley so no big stash.
  15. Is he close to coming back? I have him stashed on my IR right now but could drop for Rose, Dragic, Teague.
  16. Droppable in a 10 team 9 CAT? Wouldn't mind stashing Bag or MitchRob on my IR...
  17. I'm contemplating a drop as well w/ Bagley on my team too...
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