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  1. Tomorrow will be 1 week of the 1-2 week "re-evaluated" timeline. We MIGHT get something tomorrow.
  2. If the last two spots aren't taken, let me know as myself and a buddy are looking to join a league. Thanks!
  3. I've been the commissioner of a 14 team turned 12 team H2H 9 cat keeper league for about 6 years and myself and one of my league members are looking to get into a more active league as ours has fallen off. We're both extremely active not only in our league but others as well as DFS and looking for a league that is active. Really looking to talk some ish and have some fun vs set lineups and watch games every day. Also open to taking your money Emails are: jesse.d.prins@gmail.com for myself, Jesse Prins. meadcory0907@gmail.com for the other guy, Cory Mead.
  4. Good to see him back on my opponents roster and not mine. Denver is starting to look like Bos with to many mouths to feed and Barton isn't even back yet!
  5. Have you owned him at all? Dudes FG % goes down to 15% at times for ten game stretches then he comes back to where is is now. To many mouths to feed in Philly especially with Chandler coming back. That being said i got Gallo at 118 and if he plays 60 games like he is now i like him over Lord Covington.
  6. I hope the thing that suffers the most is Parker's Jaw. #freeportis
  7. Steph is out, now Klay. 2 game lead on 8th place for the playoffs (top 8 make it) and I'm getting pounded by the 6th place guy. My top 3 picks, with Zingis, all out when I need them. Bye bye playoffs
  8. I'm in the same boat. Now my top 3 (including zingis) have been lost to me and I'm getting pounded and in 7th place (top 8 make playoffs) by two games this week. bye bye playoffs
  9. Would that actual be a bad thing? Would free up the spot for a hot FA
  10. JJ Reddick to go down so RoCo can become consistent and get his shots.
  11. That might have been a big mistake. Harrison has been balling at PG and will keep the job going forward. Evans not moving won't change much. The last game they played together Harrison went 11/5/6. You do have a ton of PG's though...
  12. the hell happened to Bam last night?! oh well. Leggo DJA!
  13. Dropped Bam for DJA Might drop Murray for Hill or KOQ. Murray has too much upside right now if he keeps playing through the ankle. KOQ hasn't done anythign in the past with Zingis gone so i have to see to believe.
  14. Needed a stream spot for tonight so dropped Bam for him. Still have two more moves this week so I'm not worried if he sucks it up.
  15. If they trade Jack maybe but there is 4 PGS now (Burke, Frenchy, Mudiay and Jack)
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