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  1. I meant you're serious that he's in the mix. He might not even make it to Utah before he gets bought out. Nothing to see here.
  2. If he's available, time to find a new league to join.
  3. More often than you think, but overall i agree. From the same 2nd round draft class as Willy: Josh Richardson Montrez Harrell Richaun Holmes Andrew Harrison Norman Powell The 2014 2nd round was damn good if you look at it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_NBA_draft
  4. Beasley...I dont expect everyone to get the joke with the news of Zingis but man that was a softball....
  5. Malik Beasley was somehow available in my league. I lucked out with that add! Run people!
  6. Malik Beasley was somehow available in my league. I lucked out with that add! Run people!
  7. At least I have Milsap freeing up my IR slot soon... This guy is a headache
  8. Damn thats tough...Good thing you have a few weeks to see how it plays out.
  9. Moose would still start and this makes their bench nice and deep...right?
  10. You'll be good. Monroe got shipped out of the D because him and Drum we're the same player and neither could shoot outside of 2 ft. AD can step out and Moose will stay down low. He'll still get his as they are very different players. Moose can't block shots either.
  11. Cause having a more player like Cousins hampered AD...
  12. Just dropped him for J Allen and it feels amazing. He is a headache.
  13. So long James Johnson. It feels so good to be rid of you.
  14. Chriss hurts his hip...I have both James Johnson and Ibaka...then the splash brothers both got ruled out...now Favors is out. Praying Teague comes back as I'm bringing him off my IR.
  15. I like that trade and might go for it myself.
  16. They don't even play till Sunday. Should have waited.
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