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  1. No game until Sunday so I'll stream one more day and see if Beasley is around. Forgot about him.
  2. You gotta be kidding me! I was wondering why he was pulled with no fouls so quick.
  3. One more game like last night and he’s heading for the waivers. His name won’t save him with me.
  4. I had J Rich and have Ibaka now. Both are headaches. Grab ibaka and try and flip him on name value. Thats why im currently trying to do.
  5. He can be so good but can always get hurt if a fly hits him. Worth the #1 waiver to grab him? Processes tomorrow.
  6. I would do it. Both could be an easy drop at any time but chandler is at least producing what you need.
  7. He's also a potential top 30 producer when healthy. I'm torn.
  8. Only reason it's good for you is you get another PG eligible player. You have jokic and gasol so two guys who get assists so you could just wait for another PG eligible player off the waiver. Is dunn avaulable? Nilikita?
  9. Is he worth grabbing with the #1 waiver? I have an open IR spot if he does'nt play soon.
  10. And I got laughed at for dropping Richardson for him. Current, and hopefully the last laugh, is mine.
  11. I almost did the same tonight but Noel just has to get time at some point...right?
  12. Same ol Richardson as last year and does nothing special for my team as I'm stacked in his only counting stat (steals).
  13. Dropped Josh Richardson. Need help in the rebounding dept.
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