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  1. I think I’d hold onto to hield since he contributes more categories besides just points.
  2. Its a points league so fg% doesn’t really matter. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna drop DSJ at this point
  3. I think I would skip on Tatum just cuz Gordon Hayward coming back and they’re gonna be kinda crowded next year. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690262-100-whir-dsjbeal-for-warrendragic/
  4. I think it’s veto worthy buddy for melo, but definitely do it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690262-100-whir-dsjbeal-for-warrendragic/
  5. Depends what you need right now. I’m not big on smart since his shooting percentages, but if you need his defensive stats then keep him. I say Sabonis, definitely keep ish and bell though. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690262-100-whir-dsjbeal-for-warrendragic/
  6. If you need blocks then it’s good value. I’d be worried about zingis health though so it’s not a complete win. I think Wall is more consistent as well
  7. Dame Kyrie side definitely. Bulls have no reason to rush LaVine into minutes.
  8. I would drop Monroe and use that free roster spot as a stream space depending on how many moves you get per week. If not many, I would drop Monroe for Teodosic probably. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690262-100-whir-dsjbeal-for-warrendragic/
  9. Here is my team, it is a points league. I have Beal and DSJ. I think I can buy low on Dragic although idk if he is gonna pick up. This is a points league btw. Right now Beal is 30avg and DSJ is 18.5avg. Warren is 26avg and Dragic is 22avg. Also unsure if DSJ is gonna pick up second half. I am very close to dropping DSJ so I figured it might be good to get two pretty good players just for beal. SLOT PLAYER, TEAM POS ACTION
  10. Here is my team. I have Beal and DSJ. I think I can buy low on Dragic although idk if he is gonna pick up. This is a points league btw. Right now Beal is 30avg and DSJ is 20avg. Warren is 26avg and Dragic is 23avg. Also unsure if DSJ is gonna pick up second half. SLOT PLAYER, TEAM POS ACTION
  11. I would probably keep embiid. I think you can do better for him
  12. Hey everyone, I was just offered this by the giannis owner. Here is my team. It is a points league. I can sorta of justify DJ for Thad. But beal to wiggins is a big downgrade and I dont think Giannis to KAT is as big of an upgrade. Lmk what you guys think. I can try and ask for mccolum over young, but i doubt he'd do it. SLOT PLAYER, TEAM POS ACTION
  13. Which side would you guys take? I only am considering it because I have so many centers. Drummond, okafor, towns, and DJ. There are only 2 center spots so it screws me. I could also probably trade Dj for Harisson barnes straight across. But, I think selling high on middleton for butler is good and hopefully dragic will equal dj by end of the year when blake comes back.
  14. Ya I was also gonna say I am not high on Chriss at all. I would definitely do warren for blake if you can afford to have blake. Depends on your record. Doing 2 for 1s seem hard in a 16 team league, but if you see someone good on the waiver wire I would consider brown and warren for blake. If no there isn't anyone worthwhile though I wouldn't do both.
  15. I'm not sure sefolosha is worth owning in 12 team to be honest. I think you should stay put.
  16. Hi everyone, this is an espn points league. I'm pretty sure he would do Dj for Harisson Barnes straight up, but I put DJ a little higher. The only issue is I need to get rid of centers since there is only 1 center spot and then 1 utility spot and I currently have 4 centers, (who knows with Jhalil, but even 3 centers is too much). I'm curious what you guys think of this trade? My: middleton, mitchell, DJ His: Zingis, Harrison Barnes, RHJ I am basically selling h
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