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  1. Not from the articles above but my take based on what the Red Sox announcers and and pre/post shows etc have said. His bat is fine and definitely ready. His defense needs much work yet if he is ever to become the Sox everyday CF which is what he is being groomed for.
  2. What went wrong with him that he just fell off a cliff last year and is still in free fall? I hate to drop him in a dynasty but I can't put up with another season dealing with him.
  3. I'd say you can drop him maybe a half dozen years from now since the NL should have the DH by next year. It is called a slump and when it happens at the start of the season people just notice it more. So much so that they attribute outs to him even when he didn't make an out.
  4. And the Mets hitters still wouldn't be able to generate any runs for him on said Little League field.
  5. I love Closer Monkey. Best logo on a fantasy baseball website. Looks like the typical fantasy baseball owner to me too using all the stats and stuff but in the end just hitting a random pick. Also the more the site is criticized here the more I go there. Go Monkey Guy, you beat this forum to the Romano news!
  6. Ottavino remains no threat to Matt Barnes. Should Barnes implode the Sox will have to look elsewhere unless Ottavino gets cooking somehow.
  7. It wasn't down. It will sit around 89 from now on because that is his benchmark now. That is what he throws now. Or rather pitches because he has become a pitcher, not a thrower. Pinpoint control today and a good mix of pitches.
  8. He is now transitioned into a control pitcher. His fastball was running around 89 today which is his new normal according to the Sox announcers anyway. But he had control of a variety of pitches that confused the batters totally and pinpoint control. And a clean neck, heh.
  9. Sean Newcomb pitched only one inning yesterday and it was his only time in 5 games. He has looked really sharp so far. More than sharp enough for a one run game.
  10. On Yahoo the blurb clearly stated he was being activated today. If he has the IL on him at game time that does NOT stop him from getting stats on your fantasy team.
  11. Oh great. DeGrom now has to pitch at Coors. Sigh.
  12. I seriously doubt it. That sounds like how people here in New England screamed for Bell to replace that lousy Pedroia when Peddy first came up. You HAVE to let your young future stars play everyday to not only get them ABs but also show confidence in them. Sitting some young player because he isn't hitting up to projections out of the gate is the worst thing you can do. Players are NOT robotss you can just manipulate according to stats. They have emotions and feelings that can send them into a tailspin or make them overcome hurdles and a manager has to gear those up too or he isn't a
  13. At least deGrom wasn't forced into being a mudder than have his team lose for him as well.
  14. Phils v Mets officially Delayed right now. 100% precipitation as Baseball Press puts it, hah.
  15. Well it is suppose to be pretty rainey today there so the rain may beat the Mets before they beat themselves.
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