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  1. According to write-ups "we" are expecting that he begins as 6th starter and/or swing man.
  2. Video tape is allowed back again so J.D. will be back again with it.
  3. Anyone have a picture of the new, sleek Vlad. He says he lost 42 pounds in the off season. I wanna see.
  4. Hey maybe he really is two players and you haven't caught on yet. 😉 Thanks for calling us Yahoo users "average Joes." Nice of you "elitests" to notice us "little guys." In the meantime I do like your statement "Yahoo is where dynasty and keeper leagues should be played. Does such a better job with everything that really matters" despite your typo about something starting with Fan-something at the beginning of the sentence we knew you really meant Yahoo. 😂 Look I'm glad you like what you like but no reason to assume the rest of us that like something other than your current
  5. He opted out last season too. I don't think the Rockies even thought about him much for this season anyway.
  6. No. Even if ready no rookie makes the starting day roster because of clubs wanting that 6th year of control. And waiting until some time in June saves them a year of arbitration as well. And the first few weeks you only use 4 pitchers at most anyway because of all the days off around the various Opening Days in case of bad weather etc.
  7. Now that they are partially unjuicing the ball this season, it will be interesting to see how his spike in power starting with the first juiced ball year holds up.
  8. He doesn't have to win an everyday OF position. He already is the Jays' everyday LF period and was last year. But clubs these days like to have flexibility in fielding positions as much as possible.
  9. We "get away with it" just fine in our three 16 team full dynasties on Yahoo. Yeah we use spread sheets until the off line draft is over but that is part of the fun I found. Owners really get into it when you have to work a bit especially the type of owners that STAY year after year. This year there was not one single drop out in any of our 3 leagues. 0 out of 36. Not a bad turnout.
  10. Jordan Groshans is on his way soon and can play 3B. And Rowdy Tellez is a 1B/DH already. Jays infield isn't that thin to me. So I find it weird they want to play Lourdes back in the infield this season some. Especially at 3B since he couldn't throw the ball to 1B from 2B. Do they want to bring back the yips again?
  11. I said in comparison to the other two. That is a big difference from dirt cheap period.
  12. In my dynasty fantasy leagues it would take tons to trade for Skubal. Less for Mize. And Manning would go for dirt cheap in comparison to those two. I should add that there is a rabid Tigers fan (and top notch manager) in our midst there and he follows all the prospects like they were his kids or something so perhaps the prices are a bit higher there then elsewhere. Also the number one pick in dynasty leagues this season -- if the leagues didn't allow him last year -- is Spencer Torkelson ("Tork" is his nickname) who you mentioned. Add in Riley Greene as Brock mentioned as well as the
  13. I never said he would be a star. I said he should be the everyday CF this season barring any late FA signings. And who am I reading? Myself of course. 😎 I don't see anyone on the roster that can play the very difficult at Fenway RF both defensively and has the strong arm needed for same other then Verdugo who does have quite a gun. I don't see anyone else on the current roster that can play CF decently. Ergo it is Duran's job to lose barring, as I said, a late FA signing.
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