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  1. He just got back facing major league pitching in real games. Let him shake off the rust and start to get his timing down. Geez. Boston announcers said Angels waited until 8 minutes before game time to turn in their line-up because they wanted to see if Rendon could play tonight. The reason? He was 11 for 21 against Pivetta in the past. Of course he wasn't all gimpy when he got those 11 hits in the past.
  2. It's right on the first page here too: https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/845530-2021-vent-and-rant-thread/
  3. David Price's Fortnight injury has to be at the top of the list though the Texas pitcher who fell down the steps also did so while tripping over his dog so he gets double credit for it ... or does the dog get half credit? And the number of players who have cut themselves with knives while attacking vegetables in their kitchens are too numerous to even list. Sounds like a 50's horror movie. "The Attack of the Mutant Vegetables." In contrast Acuna has just a standard run of the mill injury.
  4. Well there is a Rage and Vent thread for extra toppings. That has been a theory for more than several weeks now among baseball "experts" and minions like us. The "unintended consequences" of the new baseball are hilarious unless you happen to own one or two of them in your leagues.
  5. Or slip him some of last year's balls with the old standard lower laces since some people think this year's higher laced (super movement on it) balls have been causing problems for a handful of pitchers including Castillo.
  6. As for Pivetta it was touch and go for awhile since he had the usual type of second vax reactions and they had to wait to see if he was over his exhaustion spell to pitch today but they said last night he was good to go. Going against the Angels and their three really good hitters and their so-so supporting cast. Whatevers. Owners should be able to decide based on league stuff.
  7. In dynasties, of course. 30+ homers a year is more than worth waiting on.
  8. "Castillo at Coors" - good name for a horror film.
  9. I thought Moore was the official 2B. At least Seattle said that at one point. France was the DH.
  10. I'm not panicky about Cash. He is the most overrated manager in baseball. The Rays made the playoffs last season despite him.
  11. He has had a start similar to Dustin Pedroia's where Pedroia couldn't hit anything with a bat for nearly a month or two but Tito stuck with him and let him play regularly while the Boston fans and press weres calling for Pedroia to be sent back down to never be heard of again. Baseball is a game of patience and it paid off big time. Hopefully same will be true of Lux.
  12. He will be. He is a highly respected prospect and will grow into a keystone for their team. Baseball is a game of patience. And Gray must like how he calls a game or he would be in the manager's office making demands about wanting a different catcher like modern pitchers do.
  13. Yeah like ball players are asking for days off. Other way around. They are the ones who want to play. Modern management says no. Because the Padres hate my fantasy team. Stephenson is their future full time catcher. Better get use to him. Still only 24 and up in the bigs already is incredible for a catcher who usually develops very slowly in the minors. Also knows how to use a bat.
  14. Finally deGrom to IL by Mets. Now we watch paint dry aka Yahoo's data subcontractor making the change. Mets, if you did this yesterday or this morning you would still be on my good list. Well not your joke of a so-called medical staff but you know what I mean. Edit: Okay, Yahoo! They did it in record time and deGrom is on the IL and Voit has an active slot and is in my line-up. I know all of you were on the edge of your seats rooting for me to get a rusty Voit into my line-up in time. 😂
  15. Damn Mets. They said they'd officially IL deGrom today. Why not yesterday. Why not today before 7 pm at the rate they are going? Don't they know I'm waiting to play slot switcheroo and need the active slot for Luke Voit now?
  16. I have him in dynasty and wish the hell he went to any other team than maybe the Coors Rockies. He already is coached up and MLB-ready. (SD does a darn good job too). Now he needs to PLAY as a traditional STARTER and not an opener/bulker/reliever/whatever as a Cash-made Frankenstein hybrid.
  17. The great Tsutsugo at 1B experiment seems to be over. Good thing they were smart and didn't trade away their great young 1B, Nate Lowe. Oh wait. 😂
  18. He would have been in the bullpen back in SD. The good news was SD traded him. The bad news was they traded him to TB.
  19. It was for Mother's Day. Don't you love your Mom?
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