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  1. I have Reid and Olynyk already. my bigs been pretty banged up. I'll take a look at Vanderbilt.
  2. Robin Lopez or Bobby Portis. Leaning towards Lopez as his not game script dependent. Portis usually get under 20 minutes if its close game. 10 MAN 9 CAT H2H
  3. I'm in the same boat. I'm juggling between Vaughn or Hines as my RB2 this week. Logically Vaughn should have a bigger workload with all the injuries and ROJO's less than stellar pass catching performances. Gonna come down to GTD.
  4. The Raiders run defense is awful. I am not expecting Michel and 30 y/o Burkhead to run like that the rest of the way. You would think that BB would adjust how they use Cam as a runner to better protect him for the season. There are def value here with Harris.
  5. At home vs HOU wk 15 with Henry hammy hurting vs HOU #25 PASS DVOA. I'm rolling Tanney out again and stacking him with Brown (Since Evans gone). Let's GO!
  6. I'm starting. Mostert crave this BAL defense up in space. And Devin is way more elusive. Plus BUF will have to run the ball and keep pace with Lamar
  7. He'll get more opportunities but with McCoy healthy and the signing of Ware. Its gonna be a full blown committee. I wouldn't start but if you have a slot, I would hold and see what happens this week.
  8. If you drafted him and you're in the playoffs, you have to play him. I am.
  9. He'll play, he haven't been practicing as much since the shoulder but, he also seem to get a limited practice on friday and plays Unless this a new diagnoses. The initial was an AC joint sprain.
  10. Avoid Adam Gase at all cost. I actually like Kingsbury going into next year, he def know how to scheme offense.
  11. Even if the Raiders are not down by 20. Jacobs still gets taken out on a lot passing downs, he is a game script dependent It just And always yield more snaps to the others backs than he should. He does not play the entire game he only play 70%+ snaps once this season. It's very frustrating as a Raiders fan and Jacobs owners watching Gruden take him out in favor of Washington or Richard. Jacobs would literally carry them for like back to back 10+ yards runs to the opp field and Gruden will take him out and give the other backs touches or call some dumb passing play and then they have to punt i
  12. that part why doesn't people seem to understand Wilkins and Hines > this guy
  13. could also be Zane and Badgley (BYE) owners buying back into their guys I had Zane, now I got Koo might keep him since they are playing indoor 3/4 games
  14. He still have 8 targets, and a couple of bad drops. It's not Evans that's inconsistent its Jameis He always been a boom or bust guy with Jameis His still on pace to have at least 1 more blow up game. @JAX, IND, DET, HOU Keep starting
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