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  1. Pathetic this is already happening with the first games of the season.
  2. Disappointed in my first round pick. Certainly not a bust, but week in week out you never really got much consistency. I dont really blame him either. His lack of involvement in the passing game this year is criminal. Feel like a lot of run plays for him have been easily telegraphed as well.
  3. Nice when you play against Adrian Peterson and he outscores your Jacobs/Sanders/Hunt trio by himself.
  4. He had a great day blocking. Still love my J0nnu.
  5. Really disappointed in how this has played out for Jonnu. I can't be alone in thinking I absolutely nailed this pick. I dont know if its the ankle, the Tennessee offense seemingly having lost some of their rhythm and consistency(Lewan injury?), or both, but hes gone from a set and forget top notch option to a guy you are just praying finds the end zone. Maybe next year it really comes together completely I'll be paying close attention to his free agency.
  6. Really could have been a much bigger day. Smith needed to get the ball out immediately on that interception there was room for Mclaurin to run.
  7. Hes a really talented back that doesn't really do anything for fantasy teams or even the Eagles for that matter. Not his fault but its just how it is.
  8. Unless you really need the roster spot you might as well hold now. He didn't play, and the offense and running game with Ballage and Kelley looked like crap. Miami had some key run stoppers out too so I think its even more glaring that they underperformed.
  9. "Sometimes you eat the Rotoworld Forum....and sometimes the Rotoworld Forum eats you"
  10. That guy is a pretty poor beat reporter. At least its a little more understandable though.
  11. I dont know man. I rostered Kelley this year, and its been a while that ive had a player where I couldn't put any positive spin on how he was playing. I guess its possible but Pope and Ballage have at least looked explosive and productive in the very limited action they've seen.
  12. Yes youre right. I was referring to where I drafted him. What a nightmare all around though.
  13. Hes a Hines and Wilkins injury away from relevance hold tight. After the guy they call up from the practice squad gets hurt too Taylor will get the whole enchilada to himself. Patience people sometimes these third round picks take time to ferment.
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