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  1. Rotoworld writing about Revere being out two games in a row, wondering if there is an underlying issue or just rest after the 3k game.... Every Phils beat writer has already said more than 24 hours ago that he's out with a rib injury from the dive he made on Wednesday. Who is writing these blurbs?
  2. still doesn't work for me. Had the Red Sox vs Rangers game going on my phone until someone snapchatted me and it paused the game and then would never reload. So now I hate that person.
  3. I'm sure it'll be fixed in time for the Yankees game. That's really all they care about.
  4. Don't own him, haven't read through the hype thread, however, Parker looks like a high school pitcher this year. It's time for the A's to swap them.
  5. I've never been more frustrated watching someone. He was attacking the 1-7 guys and then he acted like Ackley and Ryan were Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. Anderson usually has pretty good control, it seemed like he was cruising and then maybe he tried to be too fine since Felix was pitching a perfect game. After the two runs scored, he seemed to motor right on through again, maybe the pressure was off?
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