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  1. Well yeah, but regardless of why he is not getting walks...he is still not getting walks. Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of that at least. Yes, the SB's are high and are one of the more rare categories to find quality hitters that contribute there but not every team in every draft is going to be drafting Peraza to anchor their SB's. Some will be targeting other players to fill that void and some will take a look at their roster during the draft and realize they need someone with a strong OBP at SS, for example.
  2. If we're talking re-draft, Rendon is the pick between the two. And possibly even for dynasty tbh
  3. This is a great post IMO but I want those in OBP leagues to keep in mind he is going to be below average there as he doesn't walk much at all with a 2.7% in 256 PA last year and a 3.5% in 2015 when he had 427 PA.
  4. This guy is a professional hitter. Has been at every level of the game. Consistent bat, smart guy, and the pop has seen to come with him. Underrated indeed.
  5. Got off slow last year but man was that second half dreamy
  6. yeah but in keeper leagues, he is most definitely worthy of a spot.
  7. always wish i had mlb.tv so i could stream games on my xbox. must be pretty cool, eh
  8. Yankees are 2nd in OPS and ISO vs righties this season. thanks for bringing the stats boyss. is there anywhere in particular where I can find THIS type of information (team ranks in things like OPS, ISO,etc.)? fangraphs?
  9. I don't think it's unreasonable to think he posts a decent line (the yankees lineup is nothing scary) it's something of a 50/50 i'd think.
  10. I'm leaning towards not starting him because its in Yankee Stadium. edit: i'll go under 3.
  11. well this is surprising news after hearing he was being sent to AAA last night. cool cool
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