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  1. This was pretty much a good year to just punt your draft and replace everyone with random guys off the wire.
  2. This just in: Shelby Miller, still bad.
  3. I know we normally root FOR pitchers to be good in these threads, but I already had starts from Nola, Gausman, and Castillo and really need to root against my opponents pitchers today. Go to hell, Musgrove! (I'm screwed)
  4. I ran a z-score for all bats with 20 PA that averaged z scores for zone-swing% (discipline), barrel% (contact), and EV (power). Wilson Ramos is #1
  5. Castillo apparently is a bench until he shows me something besides horsesh**
  6. For thos of you not aware, here if the lineup HOF'er Tony La Damn Russa rolled out against Shane F'ing Beebs: 1) Eaton 2) Robert 3) Abreu 4) Moncada 5) NICK WILLIAMS. Fifth! 6) Grandal (to protect Williams apparently) 7) Jake Lamb (DH - wtf? No Yermin or Vaughn) 8 ) Madrigal 9) Danny Mendick I mean really...
  7. I started Castillo and Gausman today.
  8. Ok right I agree, but... MLB: don't do this! Players: or else what? MLB: we don't know!
  9. I was literally sad when I saw he needs TJS. No shares, and don't care about the Mariners, but man it's gotta suck to be a great athlete and not be able to do what you can do.
  10. I'm going to go Costanza and predict he goes full Yermin Mercedes next week.
  11. Seems pretty damn vague. "MLB’s memo indicates that pitchers are subject to discipline from the Commissioner’s Office whether evidence is discovered during the course of a game or after the completion of a game. It’s unclear at this time just what type of penalties will be levied against pitchers who are found to be utilizing foreign substances. It’s also not clear if there will be any warnings issued or if the league will jump straight into discipline for first-time offenders. "
  12. 4 months is best case for Eloy. He's damn young so maybe...
  13. What did MLB actually put out as far as a specific rule?
  14. He reminds me a lot of Kyle Hendricks except he's horrible.
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